201 Stainless Steel Sheet

201 Stainless Steel Sheet

201 Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer in China

The 201 stainless steel plate is high-performance austenitic steel. It exhibits an increase in yield and tensile strength with decreasing temperatures. Acid and alkali resistance, high density, no pinholes, and no polishing were among its qualities. Type 201 is a less expensive substitute for stainless steel 301 and 304.

TuoLian supplies 201 stainless steel sheets great for welding applications. It is also ideal for commercial, architectural, household, and other settings. It includes industrial pipe, decorative pipe, production of all kinds of watch cases, and more. At TuoLian, we provide different types of 201 stainless steel plates, dimensions, surface treatment, and other options.

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Product Parameters:   Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate
Width 10mm~2500mm
Thickness 0.2mm~100mm Thickness tolerance +/-0.03mm
Standard ASTM/ASME 240/480,JIS 4305,DIN EN 10088-2
Surface 2B,BA,8K,NO.1,NO.4,NO.3,hairline,checkered,gold ,black ,rose gold,etc
specification 1000*2000/L,1219*2438/L,1250*2500/L,1500*3000/L1500*6000/L,1800*6000/L,2000*6000/L2200*6000L
Grade 304 304DQ 201 301 304L 304H 309S 310S 316L 316TI 317L 321 347 347H 430 410 410S 420 420J2 430 430LNT 430J1L 434 436L 439 441 443 444 904L 2205 2507 S32750 S32760 445J2 442etc


Categories of 201 Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel 201 Plain Plates
Stainless Steel 201 Plain Plates

The ss 201 plain plates are available in different hardness including spring hard, quarter hard, etc. Decorative effect, beautiful, and durable.

Stainless Steel 201 Shim Plate
Stainless Steel 201 Shim Plate

Available in a range of hardness, including soft, hard, and half hard. TuoLian creates precise stainless steel sheet 201 at an affordable price.

Stainless Steel 201 Perforated Plate

Available thicknesses range from 0.82.0mm or as required. Packaging options include waterproof paper or steep strip packed.

Stainless Steel 201 Designer Plate
Stainless Steel 201 Designer Plate

Approved by SGS, ISO 9001-2008, etc. Applicable in building facades, interior cladding, automobile industry. Colors: gold, black, and so on.

Stainless Steel 201 Hot Rolled Plate

Hot rolled plate 201 ss is resistant to corrosion by the weak medium. Atmosphere, water, and stem to name a few. Excellent formability.

Stainless Steel 201 Cold Rolled Plate

It has stronger annealed mechanical qualities. Steel has a lower and more stable cost. Application includes kitchenware and hose clamps.

201 Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Board
201 Stainless Steel Wire Drawing Board

It has a smooth and dull surface. The board is wearing resistance. Commonly applied in hardcover high-end hotels and nightclubs.

201 Mirror Stainless Steel Plate

It features 8k and 8S. Simple to clean, slick, strong, and never rusts. Frequently used in office buildings, waiting rooms, hotel decor, etc.

Color Stainless Steel 210 Sheet
Color Stainless Steel 210 Sheet

Available in a variety of vibrant colors. Feature strong mechanical qualities and good resistance to corrosive settings. Won’t fade for a long time.

Stainless Steel 201 Coated Steel Plate

The key benefits include improved processing capabilities, low cost, and simple production process. Coating surfaces can replace expensive steel.

Stainless Steel 201 Microporous Sound-absorbing Board
Stainless Steel 201 Microporous Sound-absorbing Board

The panel has a micropore pattern on its surface. Also, have an aesthetic effect and a sound-absorbing function.

Stainless Steel 201 Checkered Plate

It has an uneven surface. Consists of stripes both horizontally and vertically. Primary functions include anti-slip and anti-corrosion.

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Why Choose TuoLian 201 SS Sheet

Corrosion Resistant
Corrosion Resistant

Withstand corrosion in mild to moderately corrosive situations. Performance is comparable to type ss 301 and 304.

Clean and Smooth Surface
Clean and Smooth Surface

TuoLian utilizes a precise cutting tool to make the stainless steel plate’s surface smooth; without any scratches or burrs.

Excellent Material
Excellent Material

The stainless steel 201 plate has precise dimensions, a consistent thickness, and is simple to bend and reprocess.

Customized Solution
Customized Solution

TuoLian supports customization of ss 201 plates. Our large number of in-stock plates can be specified as per request.

201 Stainless Steel Plate Advantage:

  • Wide Range of Specifications
  • Pure Steel Chemical Composition
  • Excellent Results Following Welding
  • Optimal Form and Excellent Precision
  • Long Service Life Span
201 Stainless Steel Plate Advantage
Typical Applications of 201 Stainless Steel Sheet

Typical Applications of 201 Stainless Steel Sheet

TuoLian ss 201 plates are widely used in the following applications:

  • Medical Devices
  • Ship Components
  • Restaurant Equipment
  • Boiler Heat Exchanger
  • Kitchen Supplies
  • Aircraft
  • Conveyor Belts
  • Electronic Components
  • Advertisement Nameplates
  • Machinery and Hardware Tools, and so on.

TuoLian 201 Stainless Steel Sheet Processing:

201 Stainless Steel Sheet Processing
SS 201 Plate Surface Treatment and Characteristic

SS 201 Plate Surface Treatment and Characteristic

  • 1D: The surface, usually referred to as a fog surface, has a discontinuous granular shape.
  • 2D: white color with a silvery tint.
  • 2Bbetter shine and flatness than a 2D surface, silver white.
  • BaA mirror-like surface with excellent gloss and reflectivity.
  • No.3: Good shine and a rough surface.
  • No.4: Fine surface lines and good gloss.
  • HL: Silver gray with blond hair.
  • MirrorSpecular.

TuoLian 201 Stainless Steel Sheet Processing Service

Cutting and Slitting
Cutting and Slitting

Process of uncoiling, slitting, leveling, and wrapping steel coils into the desired width

Partially melt (and evaporate) the metal at the incision of the workpiece

Flame Cutting
Flame Cutting

Flame cutting equipment is inexpensive

It is the only practical and cost-effective way to cut heavy metal plates

Not ideal for cutting thin plates

Laser Cutting
Laser Cutting

Stainless steel plates can be cut with laser cutting technology down to 30mm

The oxygen cutting process leaves a thin oxide film on the cutting surface

Wire Cutting
Wire Cutting

It was created using EDM shaping and perforation.

Partially replaced EDM perforation and shaping.

Shear Cutting
Shear Cutting

Applies shearing force to metal plates of various thicknesses

Utilize a moving top blade and a fixed lower blade

Allow plates to be broken and divided into desired sizes

Plasma Cutting
Plasma Cutting

Employs a high-temperature plasma arc’s heat

Partially melt and evaporate the metal at the incision of the workpiece

High-speed plasma’s momentum to remove the molten metal to make an incision.

Thickness 0.3-400mm,or customized as required
Width 1000mm – 3500mm, etc
Length 2000mm – 6000mm, etc
Form Coils, Foils, Rolls, Blank (Circle), Ring (Flange) etc.
Edge Mill Edge / Slit Edge
Technique Cold Rolled /Hot Rolled
Certification ISO, SGS, BV, etc
Standards ASTM, AISI, DIN, EN, GB, JIS, etc.


Grade C Mn Si P S Cr Ni N
201  0.25% 5.5%-7.5%  1% 0.60% 0.3% 16%-18% 3.5%-5.5% 0.25%
Tensile Strength 99,400 PSI = 520MPa
Yield Strength 42,400 PSI = 275MPa
Elongation 55 – 60%
Elastic Modulus 29,000,000 psi = 203000MPa
Hardness Requirement 183 n/was (MPa)
Density .280 LBS /cubic inch(density 7.93g/cm3)
What Distinguishes SS Plate 201LN from 201?

The stainless steel alloy 201LN was made especially for use at lower temperatures.

Chemical composition differs slightly To emphasize mechanical qualities.

It involves toughness and resistance to impact loading.

How do 201 and 202 Stainless Steel Plate and Coil Differ?

The 201 and 202 SS grades are widely popular belonging to 200 series stainless steel.

In terms of grade, 202 is greater than one manganese and greater than three nickel.

In terms of utility in practical applications, 202 is marginally superior to 201.

However, the majority of market users accept the 201 material ornamental tube due to its lower cost and similarly practical value to 202.

Even though 202 has a little bit more chromium and manganese than 201 and has slightly superior mechanical and corrosion resistance,

there isn’t much of a performance difference between the two stainless steel plates, especially when it comes to corrosion resistance.

The changes between 202 and 201 stainless steel plates are fairly minor on the outside, but they are substantial on the inside.

How much is the Price Quotation for 201 Stainless Steel Plate?

Each steel manufacturer produces materials with a particular chemical composition.

Thus, the equipment, technology, and quality control are all extremely different.

Additionally, there is a wide range in the quality of 201 stainless steel sheets available.

Consequently, the cost varies as well.

You must give a thorough description of the demand and get a material certificate for us.

To reduce buying costs and satisfy the material requirements.

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