2507 Stainless Steel Sheet

2507 Stainless Steel Sheet

2507 Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer in China

2507 grade stainless steel sheet is a super duplex SS with 4% molybdenum, 25% chromium, and 7% nickel. It is designed for applications that require high corrosion resistance and strength. Their high level of nitrogen, chromium, and molybdenum makes the sheet withstand crevice and pitting.

TuoLian offers 2507 alloy SS sheets in numerous sizes, all meet industry standards including EURO NORM, ASME, ASTM, and AFNOR.

2507 Checker Plate SS Sheet
2507 Embossed Stainless Steel Sheet
2507 SS Sheet Brushed Finish
Hot Rolled 2507 SS Sheet
Cold Rolled 2507 SS Sheet
Polished 2507 SS Sheet
Polished 2507 SS Sheet
Bright Annealed SS Sheet
Bright Annealed SS Sheet
Perforated 2507 SS Sheet
Perforated 2507 SS Sheet
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Functional for Different Field

TuoLian 2507 SS sheet is widely used in the following:

  • Oil & gas industry
  • Heat exchangers, offshore platforms, service and process water systems, ballast and injection water systems, fire-fighting system
  • Chemical process industry
  • Desalination plants
  • Mechanical & structural components
  • Power industry FGD system

Excellent Features

  • Recommended for 600° F applications
  • Excellent workability and weldability
  • Chloride-resistant
  • Resist crevice corrosion in seawater

Properties of 2507 Stainless Steel Sheet

C 0.020
Cr 25
Ni 7
N 0.27
Mo 4.0
Others S=0.001
Tensile Strength Offset Yield Strength (0.2%) Offset Yield Strength (0.1%) 2 inches Elongation Hardness Rockwell C Impact Energy
Minimum 116 Minimum 80 Minimum 91 Minimum 15 Maximum 32 Minimum 74
Density 0.28 Lb/in ^3
Electrical Resistivity 31.5 W-in x 10^-6
Capacity of Heat 0.12 Btu/lb/°F
Thermal Conductivity 8.7 Btu/h ft °F
Elasticity Modulus 29 psi x 10^6
Thermal Expansion Coefficient
7.2 x10^-6/°F

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