301 Stainless Steel Coil

The 301 stainless steel coils are composed of about 17% chromium and 7% nickel. That makes them possess good strength and cold process adaptability. The 301 SS coils are easy to weld, form, and draw.

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TuoLian provides 301-grade stainless steel coils with specific requested features. There are multiple conditions available, including ¼, ½, and full-hard grades. The 301 SS coils come with elevated carbon that works well for various tempers. They are ideal in usages that involve outdoor exposure at medium temperatures.

We only offer certified-approved 301-grade SS coil supplies for your projects. With ASTM/ASME: UNS S30200 adherence, you can guarantee high-quality SS coils. Our manufacturing team always considers your ideas or requests during production. That helps you achieve your desired application needs. 

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Available Surface Finishes

The 301 SS coil’s available finishing option includes

  • NO.1 — Rough on the surface with an uncoated milling scale.
  • No. 3 — Has a unidirectional and dull reflective surface.
  • NO. 4 — Low gloss or light polishes. Ideal for architectural projects.
  • Hairline — Non-reflective and has a grainy texture.
  • Mirror polish — Bright, glossy, and highly reflective.
202 SS Coil: Processes Involved
Cold Working

This process hardens at an extreme rate, forming a great strength from cold rolling.

In this process, the austenitic SS undergoes initial changes into martensitic SS.

It helps enhance the 301 SS coil’s magnetic feature.

Heat Treatment

The annealing treatment heats up to 1010 to 1120°C and cools quickly.

It utilizes low-side intermediate annealing. The 301 SS cannot be solidified by thermal treatment.


This process maximizes the corrosion resistance of annealed SS coils.

It decreases the high strength made by the prior cold rolling process.

The spot welding technique is typically utilized to assemble 301 cold-rolled parts.

301 SS Coil Mechanical Properties
Temper Elongation in 50mm Tensile Strength 0.2% Yield Strength
¼ Hard 25% 125 ksi (min.) 75 ksi (min.)
½ Hard 18% 150 ksi (min.) 110 ksi (min.)
Full Hard 9% 185 ksi (min.) 140 ksi (min.)
What are 301 Stainless steel Coil Applications?

The 301 stainless steel coils are typical in areas and industries of:

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