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301 Stainless Steel Sheet Factory in China

301 stainless steel sheet is a type of austenitic stainless steel that can be cold worked into various tempers. It is suitable for welding, forming, and drawing, and is available in multiple surface finishes. The hardness of 301 stainless steel sheets increases rapidly during mechanical working, and we offer 1/4 hard, 1/2 hard, and full hard to meet different job requirements.

By Hardness

301 Full Hard Stainless Steel Sheet
301 Full Hard Stainless Steel Sheet
301 1/2 Hard Stainless Steel Sheet
301 1/2 Hard Stainless Steel Sheet
301 1/4 Hard Stainless Steel Sheet
301 1/4 Hard Stainless Steel Sheet
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Variety of Applications

Due to its high strength, 301 stainless steel sheet finds applications in aerospace, automotive, architectural, ornamental, industrial, and food and beverage industries. It is commonly used in the production of trailer bodies, utensils, roof drainage products, conveyor belts, door frames, auto body trim, and wheel covers.

Advantages of 301 SS Sheet

301 stainless steel sheet exhibits high strength, high ductility, and excellent corrosion resistance, similar to stainless steel grade 304. Additionally, this grade of stainless steel sheet has exceptional resistance to outdoor, industrial, marine, and mild chemical environments. Our 301 stainless steel sheet also features good formability, high tensile strength, and yield strength.

Technical Specifications

Width 10mm~2500mm
Thickness 0.032″~0.063″
Size 1000*2000/L, 1219*2438/L, 1250*2500/L, 1500*3000/L, 1500*6000/L, 1800*6000/L, 2000*6000/L, 2200*6000L
Standard AMS 5519, ASTM A666, AMS 5517, AMS 5518, AMS5901, AISI 301, ASTM-A167, ASTM-A177, ASTM-A554, DIN 1.4310, MIL S-5059, QQ S766, UNS S30100
Surface 2B, BA, 8K, NO.1, NO.4, NO.3, Hairline
Which is better: 301 or 304 stainless steel?

In summary, 301 stainless steel offers higher tensile strength and good formability, while 304 stainless steel provides better corrosion resistance. 301 is preferred for high strength and 304 is preferred for superior corrosion resistance.

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