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The 301 stainless steel strip boasts a clean, smooth, and aesthetically pleasing surface. When annealed, it is non-magnetic. These strips can be easily formed and drawn, but they cannot be hardened by the process of heat treatment. We offer four types: annealed, full hard, half hard, and quarter hard, providing you with options to suit your specific requirements. In addition, we can customize different sizes, shapes and grades for your various projects.

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301 Stainless Steel Strip Features

In general, 301 stainless steel strips are durable and easy to maintain. What’s more, high strength and good ductility make it superior to other grades. Additionally, they possess high tensile strength, excellent thermal conductivity, and reliable weldability. Just like other stainless steel materials, 301 stainless steel strips can withstand atmospheric corrosion, as well as exposure to food and juices.

301 Stainless Steel Strip Features
301 Stainless Steel Strip Applications

301 Stainless Steel Strip Applications

The applications of 301 stainless steel strips are extensive. They are commonly utilized in various products, including hose clamps, buckles, kitchen utensils, wheel covers, foodstuff lines, structural parts, trailer bodies, diaphragms, and automotive trim, among others. However, their special properties make them particularly well-suited for the manufacturing of springs. 

Production Process

We strictly maintain high-quality standards throughout the production of our 301 stainless steel strips by implementing rigorous quality control measures. Here is an overview of our comprehensive production process:

    1. Technical Analysis
    2. Raw Material Preparation
    3. Rolling and Bright Annealing Process
    4. Degrease Cleaning Processproduction process
    5. Tension Straightening Proces
    6. Slitting Process
    7. Inspection Process
    8. Packaging Process

Each step is carefully executed to ensure the highest level of quality and precision. From the initial technical analysis to the final packaging, we maintain strict checks and controls to deliver stainless steel strips that meet our rigorous standards.



Edges Options
Edge Options

We provide a wide range of edge options to accommodate various applications. You can choose from different edge types, including mill edge, slit edge, deburred edge, round edge, and v-type edge. These options allow you to select the edge configuration that best suits your specific requirements.

Width 2~3500 mm
Thickness 0.03~200 mm
Length Cut to length
Standard ASTM/ASME 240/480,JIS 4305,DIN EN 10088-2
Surface Finish NO.1, 2B, HL, polishing bright, a skin-passed finish, 2H, BA, No.4, 8K, and bright annealed finish
What's the hs code of 301 stainless steel?

The hs code of 301 stainless steel is 7220.

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