• 303 stainless steel flat bar
  • 303 stainless steel flat bar

About 303 Stainless Steel Flat Bar

The 303 stainless steel flat bar is a flat, rectangular-shaped metal piece crafted from this specific alloy. While it shares some similarities with other stainless steel grades, its unique characteristics stem from its sulfur and selenium content, which notably enhance its machinability. The 303 stainless steel flat bar is easily machined, ground, and polished. Additionally, we offer a customization service that provides different sizes, shapes, and colors for the 303 stainless steel flat bar, tailored to your specific requirements.

Key Features of 303 Stainless Steel Flat Bar

The 303 stainless steel flat bar excels in machining but is less suitable for welding. Its impressive resistance to oxidation and corrosion sets it apart. Moreover, its combination of robust tensile strength, lasting durability, abrasion resistance, and solid construction contribute to the widespread popularity of the 303 stainless steel flat bar across a multitude of applications. Furthermore, our 303 stainless steel flat bar is enhanced with non-galling and non-seizing properties, ensuring even greater performance and versatility.

Applications of 303 Stainless Steel Flat Bar

The 303 stainless steel flat bar finds its utility in an array of industries, including aerospace, architecture, chemicals, food and beverage, machinery, and even cryogenic applications. Its versatility extends further as it’s a preferred choice for crafting cutlery, sinks, saucepans, washing machine drums, microwave open liners, and domestic razor blades. Additionally, it’s sought after for exhaust systems, car trim and grilles, road tankers, ship containers, and chemical tankers for transport. This adaptability continues to platform accommodations, cable trays within the oil and gas sector, surgical instruments, implants, MRI scanners for medical purposes, water and sewage treatment, water tubing, hot water tanks in the water industry, cladding, handrails, door and window fittings, street furniture, structural sections, reinforcement bars, lighting columns, lintels, and masonry supports in architectural and civil engineering contexts. Moreover, the 303 stainless steel flat bar demonstrates prowess in aircraft parts, valves, bushings, pumps, screw machine components, shafts, hinges, dowels, and various structural applications. Notably, it’s an excellent choice for nuts, bolts, screws, and parts necessitating precise machining, grinding, or polishing.

Applications of 303 Stainless Steel Flat Bar
Length 1m-8m or cut to length
Diameter 1mm-400 mm
Standard ASTM A276, JIS G4303, ASTM A484, DIN 1654-5, ASTM A479,ASTM A580,  JIS G4311, ASTM A582, KS D3706, GB/T 1220,
Surface Pickled, Peeled, Black, Sand Blast, Bright, Mill, Mirror, Hairline, etc
Condition Cold drawn, turned and polished and centreless ground
Tensile Strength Yield Point Brinell Hardness Elasticity Melting Point Density Yield Tensile Strength Fatigue Strength Poisson Ratio
90 ksi 45 ksi 170 30 ksi 2550F 0.289 lb/in3 34,800 psi 34,800 psi 0.25
C Si Mn S P Cr Ni Fe Mo
0.15 max 1 max 2 max 0.15 max 0.2 max 18 9 69 0.6 max

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