303 Stainless Steel Tube

303 stainless steel tube is also known as “18-8” chromium-nickel stainless steel tube and is characterized by its inability to be hardened through heat treatment. In its annealed condition, it typically exhibits non-magnetic properties. 303 stainless steel tube can withstand high temperatures up to 760°C. And 303 stainless steel tubes come with plain, beveled, and threaded ends.

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Why Choose 303 Stainless Steel Tubes?

303 stainless steel tubes are preferred for several reasons. They offer excellent resistance to high temperatures, oxidation, and scaling, making them suitable for demanding environments. Additionally, their easy fabrication, grinding, and polishing capabilities allow for precise customization to meet your specific needs. Furthermore, their good corrosion resistance ensures long-lasting performance.

Applications of 303 Stainless Steel Tubes

303 stainless steel tubes find extensive use in applications where mechanical properties are crucial. They are commonly used in the production of screw machine products, such as screws, nuts, and bolts. Additionally, they are used in aircraft parts and fittings, shafts, valves, gears, and bushings. Moreover, 303 stainless steel tubes are popular in the food production industry, machine parts manufacturing, and architectural applications.

In summary, 303 stainless steel tubes are highly versatile and cater to a wide range of applications, delivering reliable performance in various environments. Our commitment to customization ensures that we provide tubes that precisely match your requirements.

Types of 303 Stainless Steel Tube

Some of the common types of 303 stainless steel tube include:

  1. Seamless Tube: Seamless tubes are manufactured without any welding seams, providing a smooth and continuous surface. They are ideal for high-pressure and critical applications.
  2. Welded Tube: welded tubes are created by joining the edges of a flat strip or plate together through welding, resulting in the formation of a tube. They are available in various diameters and wall thicknesses.
  3. Hollow Bar: Hollow bars are tubes with a larger inside diameter compared to the outside diameter. They are used for applications requiring lightweight and strength.
  4. Capillary Tube: Capillary tubes have a very small diameter and are used in precise applications, such as medical instruments and scientific equipment.
Types of 303 Stainless Steel Tube
Forms of 303 Stainless Steel Tube

Forms of 303 Stainless Steel Tube

Below is the popular forms of 303 stainless steel tube:

  1. Round Tube: Round tubes have a circular shape, resembling a pipe, and they are frequently utilized in various structural and mechanical applications.
  2. Square Tube: Square tubes have a square cross-section and are often used in architectural and ornamental applications.
  3. Rectangular Tube: Rectangular tubes have a rectangular cross-section and are suitable for structural and decorative purposes.
  4. Coil Tube: Coil tubes are formed in a coiled shape and are commonly used in heat exchangers and refrigeration systems.
Size 1/2 – 48 inch
Length cut to length
Density 0.289 lb/in3
Surface Finish 2B, No.4, No.1, No.8 Mirror Finish
Melting Point 2550-2590 °F
Standard ASTM A895, SAE J405, ASTM A582/A582M, ASTM A312 A249 A213 A269 A268
Fe Ni  Mn Si Cr C P S
69% 8-10% 2.00% 1.00% 17-19% 0.15% 0.20% 0.15%
303 vs 304 stainless steel: Which is better?

– 303 stainless steel is better for applications requiring excellent machinability.

– 304 stainless steel is preferred in applications requiring excellent corrosion resistance and versatility.

Will a magnet adhere to 303 stainless steel?

The answer is NO. 303 stainless steel is non-magnetic and will not be attracted to magnets.

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