3mm Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturer in China

3mm thick stainless steel tubes are suitable to use in applications where they will be exposed to rain, saltwater, and other elements since they are highly corrosion-resistant. They can be used for DIY projects, shop fittings, general fabrications, structural frames, industrial applications, home decoration, antenna, and many more. Also, they are widely used in these industries:

At TuoLian, we offer 3mm stainless steel tubes that have been rigorously tested and inspected to make sure they meet the industry and quality standards. Our 3mm SS tubes come in different lengths, shapes, finishes, and material grades. We are also offering custom 3mm SS tubes to suit your special needs.

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3mm Stainless Steel Tube by Grades

Features of 3mm SS Tube

3mm stainless steel tubes offer the following features:

  • long-lasting durability
  • high strength
  • excellent corrosion resistance
  • oxidation resistance
  • easy formability and weldability
  • wear-resistant
  • good hot & cold workability
Features of 3mm SS Tube

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Choose the stainless steel grade you need, for any use, Tuolian always gives you the best solution.

One Stop Stainless Steel Supply.

Whether you need stainless steel materials for your business or fabrication projects, TuoLian is your best supplier. You can find all types, grades, and thicknesses based on your needs. Guaranteed that we provide the best quality at a reasonable cost.
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