4047 Aluminum Sheet: Know the Properties and Characteristics

4047 Aluminum Sheet

Manufacturing personalized aluminum components require in-depth knowledge of composition and material type. Not doing so will lead you to experience pitting, corrosion, and even component failure.

This guide aims to educate you on every aspect of 4047 aluminum sheets regarding composition, benefits, applications, etc. Let’s uncover insights!

What is 4047 Aluminum?

 4047 Aluminum Sheet
4047 Aluminum Sheet

4047 Aluminum is an alloy comprising small portions of silicon, copper, iron, magnesium, and zinc. These metal portions comprise 15% of the total proportion of the aluminum sheet. The rest, 85%, is aluminum. It does not require any heat treatment.

You can use this alloy to make 4047 aluminum sheet metal.

The four-digits “4047” serves an important purpose in 4047 aluminum sheets. The

  • The first digit, “4,” represents the classification of alloy
  • The second digit, “0,” represents any alloy modifications
  • The last two digits, “47,” represents the specific content label

The silicone content is comparatively more in 4047 aluminum sheets. This adds up unique properties to the end material.


Composition of 4047 Aluminum Sheet

The term composition refers to what metal or metal proportions make up this aluminum sheet. The below represents the 4047 aluminum sheet composition.

Sr. No. Metal Name Metal Proportion (%)
1 Copper 0.3
2 Zinc 0.2
3 Iron 0.8
4 Silicone 11 to 12
5 Manganese 0.15
6 Magnesium 0.1
7 Aluminum 85

Each material proportions add specific properties at the end of 4047 aluminum. These properties include hardness, higher strength, stiffness, wear resistance, etc.

Thickness/Sizes of 4047 Aluminum Sheet

You can get multiple types of thicknesses and sizes in your 4047 aluminum sheet. It depends on how much strength you need and the type of application.

Sr. No. Sheet (Thickness x Width x Length) (inches) Sheet (Thickness x Width x Length) (inches) Sheet (Thickness x Width x Length) (inches)
1 0.003 Thickness x 4 W x 24 L 0.025 Thickness x 3 W x 24 L 0.190 Thickness x 24 W x 12 L
2 0.005 Thickness x 6 W x 24 L 0.030 Thickness x 12 W x 72 L 0.190 Thickness x 24 W x 72 L
3 0.008 Thickness x 6 W x 12 L 0.040 Thickness x 12 W x 72 L 0.250 Thickness x 8 W x 12 L
4 0.010 Thickness x 6 W x 24 L 0.045 Thickness x 6 W x 36 L 0.500 Thickness x 6 W x 12 L
5 0.010 Thickness x 6 W x 36 L 0.050 Thickness x 12 W x 72 L 0.500 Thickness x 12 W x 36 L
6 0.010 Thickness x 12 x 36 L 0.060 Thickness x 12 W x 72 L 0.750 Thickness x 12 W x 32 L
7 0.012 Thickness x 6 W x 36 L 0.080 Thickness x 12 W x 40 L 0.800 Thickness x 3.5 W x 47 L
8 0.015 Thickness x 6 W x 24 L 0.080 Thickness x 12 W x 72 L 1.000 Thickness 12 W x 36 L
9 0.015 Thickness x 12 W x 36 L 0.090 Thickness x 12 W x 36 L 1.375 Thickness x 1.750 W x 3.600 L
10 0.020 Thickness x 0.20 W x 200 L 0.125 Thickness x 12 W x 72 L 1.500 Thickness x 12 W x 36 L
11 0.020 Thickness x 12 W x 72 L 0.160 Thickness x 4.5 W x 6 L


Advantages of 4047 Aluminum Sheet

A plethora of advantages contribute to the real worth of 4047 aluminum sheets. Down below, you will find insights on key benefits.

· Excellent Corrosion Resistance

Corrosion refers to the undesirable phenomenon when it comes to metal. No one likes the deterioration that their metal will face with time. But you don’t need to worry when you have 4047 aluminum sheets. It offers great resistance to rust and corrosion. You can use it anywhere without worrying about the adverse impact of weathering chemicals.

· Low Melting Point

Melting point refers to a stage at which a material changes its state from solid form to liquid form. This happens at atmospheric pressure.

The term lower melting point refers to the ability of the metal to fuse quickly at lower temperatures. You can experience a narrow freezing range with a 4047 aluminum sheet.

· High Fluidity

The term fluidity refers to the ability of a metal to flow. 4047 aluminum sheets possess high fluidity. This feature enables the usage of 4047 aluminum sheets in casting applications. Because high fluidity allows you to experience the complete filling of the mold cavity and prevents casting defects such as misrun.

· High Electrical and Thermal Conductivity

4047 aluminum sheets help you enjoy higher thermal and electrical conductivity. The metal fusion ability in the structure of 4047 aluminum allows it to conduct a speedily flow of electrons. You can also experience a quick flow of heat throughout the metal at higher temperatures.

· Lightweight

The lightweight is another worth considered feature of the 4047 aluminum sheet. It offers low density. You can reap the benefits of its light when you need higher efficiency and effectiveness. In moving such a component, you don’t need a bigger force.

· High Strength-to-Weight Ratio

It is a key benefit of the 4047 aluminum sheet. This reflects you can enjoy higher strength at a lower weight. This feature is desirable when you need to offer resistance against breakage. With 4047 Aluminum, you can experience higher impact resistance.

Applications of 4047 Aluminum Sheet

Want to get familiar with where you can use your 4047 aluminum sheet? Find out below.

· Cylinder Liners

A cylinder liner is a key component of the cylinder in your combustion engine. Its main role is to overcome the temperature and pressure within the cylinder and reduce its impact. This way, it protects the cylinder. 4047 aluminum sheet to make cylinder liners or liners for the automotive industry.

Cylinder Liner
Cylinder Liner

· Filler Material

An option exists to utilize 4047 aluminum as a filler material. As you know, it offers high fluidity even with a lower melting point. You can weld multiple pieces together with no fear of breakage.

Filler Material
Filler Material

· Window frames

You can manufacture window frames with 4047 aluminum sheets. Such corrosion-resistance structures can cope with any adverse weather situation.

Window Frames
Window Frames

· Engine Blocks

4047 aluminum sheet has wide adaptability in engine block manufacturing. This component contains multiple blocks for cylinders within, and the main combustion occurs here. It houses pistons, cylinders, crankcases, and a water-cooling system.

Engine Blocks
Engine Blocks

· Covers for Integrated Circuits

You can use 4047 aluminum sheets in welding covers for microwave ICs (Integrated circuits). Its main function is to ensure sufficient protection and proper functioning of the ICs.

Covers for ICs
Covers for ICs

You can operate them on microwave frequencies ranging from 1 Hz to 100 GHz. Many applications exist for such welded covers in radars, telecommunication, and satellite.

Differences Between 4043 and 4047 Aluminum Sheet

A number of differences between the 4043 and 4047 aluminum sheets are:

  • 4043 aluminum sheet contains 5 percent of silicone in total. While 4047 aluminum sheet contains 12 percent of silicone.
  • The solidus’s temperature of 4043 aluminum is 573.80C, and its liquidity temperature of 632.20 On the other hand, the solidus temperature of 4047 is 5760C, and the liquidity temperature of 5820C.
  • 4047 aluminum sheet has higher crack resistance, while 4043 has lower crack resistance
  • 4047 aluminum is stronger. It can bear around 1000 lb./ in2 of force/ impact. While 4043 aluminum sheets cannot.
  • When subjected to elongation applications, the 4047 aluminum sheet needs more annealing for better results.

Physical Properties of 4047 Aluminum Sheet

Key properties of the 4047 aluminum sheet are here for your consideration.

Sr. No. Physical Property Parameter
1 Solidity 1065°F (574°C)
2 Liquidity 1170°F (632°C)
3 Brazing Temperature Range 582°C – 604°C
4 Density 0.097 Lbs./CU IN
5 Color Grey


Cost Associated With 4047 Aluminum Sheet

The cost is the major aspect everyone considers before buying a 4047 aluminum sheet. Usually, the cost varies depending on the weight or sheet size you will purchase. In general, the per 1000-kilogram rate for 4047 aluminum sheets ranges from $2000 to $2300.


The role of the aluminum sheet and its importance is remarkable in various industries. Consider the application and the end purpose for choosing this sheet. As it will help you choose better. If you find this article beneficial and intuitive, feel free to share it.

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