410 Stainless Steel Coil Manufacturer

The 410 SS coil is martensitic stainless steel which contains around 12% chromium and is highly corrosion resistant. These SS coil grades obtain their maximum resistance through heat treatment and surface polishing.

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TuoLian 410 Stainless Steel Coil

410 SS coil is known for its hardness and high strength. This grade is magnetic in both hardened and annealed conditions. Its extensive range of properties can be improved if undergoes heat treatment. TuoLian is a leading manufacturer of high-quality 410 SS coil in China. We supplied numerous coil rolls in different stainless-steel markets worldwide.

TuoLian can offer custom thicknesses, sizes, and lengths/rolls for 410 SS coil. We support low MOQ and offer discounts for bulk orders. Let TuoLian be your solution provider for 410 stainless coils.

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Chemical Composition

  1. Chromium: 5 – 13.5%
  2. Sulfur: 030%
  3. Carbon: 08 – 0.15%
  4. Phosphorus: 040%
  5. Silicon: 0%
  6. Manganese: 5%
  7. Nickel: 75%
What are the mechanical properties of 410 SS coil?

410 Properties

  • Hardness (Max.) – 96 Rb
  • Tensile Strength (Min.) – 65 KSI
  • Yield Strength (Min.) – 30 KSI
  • Elongation (Min.) – 20%


What is the field application of 410 SS coil?

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