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430 stainless steel tube is a type of ferritic stainless steel tube that cannot be hardened. We offer customization services to cater to your specific size, specification, and type requirements. Our tubes meet international standards to ensure quality. Whether you need plain, threaded, or beveled tubes, we can provide them for you.
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Where to Use 430 Stainless Steel Tubes

The applications of 430 stainless steel tubes are diverse. They are commonly used in automotive trim and molding, gutters, and downspouts. They also find utility in nitric acid plant equipment, furnace combustion chambers, restaurant equipment, dishwasher linings, and lashing wire. Furthermore, elements such as supports, stove trim rings, fasteners, chimney liners, sink rims, scientific apparatuses, roofing panels, countertops, mufflers, and gutters are all made from 430 stainless steel tubes.

Why to choose 430 Stainless Steel Tubes

Why to choose 430 Stainless Steel Tubes

430 stainless steel tubes are known for their excellent corrosion, heat, and oxidation resistance. They can be easily machined, bent, and formed according to your needs. Moreover, one of their key advantages is their attractive decorative properties compared to other grades.

Types of 430 Stainless Steel Tube

We offer various types of 430 stainless steel tubes to cater to different needs. Take a look at the options below:

  1. 430 Stainless Steel Seamless Tube: This type of tube is made without any seams, providing a smooth and continuous surface. It is ideal for applications requiring high strength and durability.
  2. 430 Stainless Steel ERW Tube: ERW stands for Electric Resistance Welded. These tubes are created by welding the edges of a strip of stainless steel to form a tube. They are known for their excellent weldability and cost-effectiveness.
  3. 430 Stainless Steel Welded Tube: Welded tubes are formed by joining two pieces of stainless steel using a welding process. They are commonly used in applications where a strong and reliable joint is required.
  4. 430 Stainless Steel Round Tube: Round tubes have a circular cross-section and are versatile in their applications.
  5. 430 Stainless Steel Square Tube: Square tubes feature a square-shaped cross-section, providing added strength and stability. They are widely used in architectural designs, frames, and structural applications.
  6. 430 Stainless Steel Rectangular Tube: Rectangular tubes have a rectangular cross-section and offer excellent resistance to bending and torsion. They are commonly utilized in construction, fabrication, and engineering projects.

We ensure that all our 430 stainless steel tubes meet high-quality standards to provide reliable performance in various industries.

Dimension 0.3mm~200mm
Wall Thickness 0.5-25mm
Length We offer cut-to-length service
Width 1000- 3500mm
Standard ASTM A240/A240M,ASTM A268, ASME SA268

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