430 Stainless Steel

430 Stainless Steel

430-grade stainless steel is usually used in any application where aesthetic appearance is more concerned than strength. It has a tensile strength of 65ksi (minimum) and 30ksi for yield strength (minimum). 430 belongs to the ferritic grade family and is considered one of the best options for cost-conscious buyers.

430 Stainless Steel

Extensive Configuration of 430 Stainless Steel

The 430-grade stainless steel can be classified into different formats such as:

  • Stainless Steel Sheet
  • Stainless Steel Tube (round tube, square tube, oval tube, rectangular tube)
  • Stainless Steel Foil
  • Stainless Steel Plate
  • Stainless Steel Strips
  • Stainless Steel Round Bar (plain or corrugated)
  • Stainless Steel Angle Bar
  • Stainless Steel Hexagonal Bar

Extensive Configuration of 430 Stainless Steel

430 Stainless Steel Chemical Composition

430 Percentage Content (%)
Chromium 16-18%
Manganese 1.0% (max)
Silicon 1.0% (max)
Nickel 0.75% (max)
Carbon 0.12% (max)
Sulfur 0.30% (max)
Phosphorus 0.040% (max)
430F Percentage Content (%)
Chromium 16-18%
Manganese 1.25% (max)
Silicon 1.0% (max)
Carbon 0.12% (max)
Sulfur 0.15% (min)
Phosphorus 0.060% (max)


Mechanical Properties

Grade Hardness Yield Strength

(min) MPa



(min) MPa



*In 50mm



Rockwell Brinell (max)
430 183 85 310 483 22
430F 262 379 552 25


Physical Properties

GRADES 430 430F
Electrical Resistivity (nΩ.m) 600 600
Thermal Expansion


0-100°C 10.4 10.4
0-315°C 11.0 11.0
0-538°C 11.4 11.4
Thermal Conductivity


100°C 26.1 26.1
500°C 26.3 26.3
Density (kg/m3) 7750 7750
Specific Heat (J/kg.K) 100°C 460 460
Elastic Modulus (GPa) 200 200


Comparison of 430 and 304 Stainless Steel

Features/Characteristics 430-Grade SS 304-Grade SS
Corrosion Resistance Low corrosion-resistance Strong corrosion-resistance
Magnetism Highly magnetic Non-magnetic
Popularity 2nd to 304-grade Most common and most widely used
Workability Easy to draw and bent Easy to stretch and weld

Comparison of 430 and 304 Stainless Steel           

Wide Application

Linings for dishwashers

Lashing wires for automotive

Automotive trim

Cabinet panels for refrigerator


Element supports

Drums for washing machine

Chimney liners


Industrial Roofing

Wall cladding

Stove trims

*430F-grade greatly used as repetition machined part piece.

Wide Application


DIN: 1.4016


Heat Resistance

-Up to 816°C (1500°F)

430 SS Finishes


N4 (polished)

Bright Annealed (BA)

430-Grade Stainless Steel (AISI)

Grade 430 430F
Europe Euronorm No. 1.4016 1.4104
Name X8Cr17 X12CrMoS17
Old British BS 430S17
EN 60
UNS No. S43000 S43020
Japan GIS SUS 430 SUS430 F
Swedish SS 2320 2383


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