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431 Stainless Steel Sheet Supplier in Chinacorrosion resistance

The 431 stainless steel sheets are martensitic, heat-treatable steel. It has better corrosion resistance than the conventional martensitic stainless grades. Grade 431 has good oxidation resistance and torque strength. Thus, obtaining optimum toughness, wear resistance, and high tensile properties. These qualities make them ideal for uses involving bolts and shafts.

TuoLian 431 ss panel is best for marine settings. It is also resistant to various organic chemicals, petroleum compounds, and a number of acidic situations. You can find grade 431 in different diameters, surface finishes, etc. Contact us now to get a better quotation.

Product Parameters:   Stainless Steel Sheet/Plate
Width 10mm~2500mm
Thickness 0.2mm~100mm Thickness tolerance +/-0.03mm
Standard ASTM/ASME 240/480,JIS 4305,DIN EN 10088-2
Surface 2B,BA,8K,NO.1,NO.4,NO.3,hairline,checkered,gold ,black ,rose gold,etc
specification 1000*2000/L,1219*2438/L,1250*2500/L,1500*3000/L1500*6000/L,1800*6000/L,2000*6000/L2200*6000L
Grade 304 304DQ 201 301 304L 304H 309S 310S 316L 316TI 317L 321 347 347H 430 410 410S 420 420J2 430 430LNT 430J1L 434 436L 439 441 443 444 904L 2205 2507 S32750 S32760 445J2 442etc


431 SS Chequered Sheet

The 431 ss chequered sheet is applicable for mine machines, power, traffic, etc. Thicknesses range from 2mm to 8mm.

SS 431 Sheet Satin Finish

Hardness options include soft, full hard, semi-DDQ, and DDQ. Available panel width: 10mm-1280mm.

Dull Polished SS 431 Sheet

The dull polished SS 431 sheet has ±0.02mm tolerance. Processing services involve bending, cutting, PVC film, etc.

431 SS HR Sheet

TuoLian 431 SS hot-rolled sheet has good magnetic attributes. Features uniform design and dimensional accuracy.

Cr SS 431 Sheet

Cold-rolled stainless steel 431 sheet has outstanding weldability and formability. Features thermal consistency.

2B SUS SS 431 Sheet

The 2b SUS SS 431 sheet has a high resistance to organic and petroleum chemicals. It can be heat treated.

BA Stainless Steel 431 Sheet

Exhibits medium temperature intensity. Frequently employed in the production of scientific instruments, decor, and more. Can be done heat treatment for high strength levels.

No. 4 PVC Coated SS 431 Sheet

Feature impressive endurance and finish. Outperform all other strengths in terms of tensile strength. Withstand oxidizing media.

Hair Line Finish Stainless Steel 431 Sheet

Sizes available: 0.50 to 5.00 mm in thickness. Features continuous straight lines. Specific sizes can be offered with MOQ.

Mirror Finish Stainless Steel 431 Sheet

Got certified by ISO, RoHS, and IBR. The application includes a container plate, flange plate, ship plate, boiler plate, and so on.

Gold Brush Finish Stainless Steel 431 Sheet

TuoLian gold brush finish SS steel 431 sheets is available in any size. Can be cold-rolled and hot-rolled. Width and length can be customized.

10K Surface Stainless Steel 431 Sheet

The 10k surface SS 431 sheet has excellent brightness. Panel thickness ranges from 0.05 to 200mm. Manufactured in cutting-edge tools.

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TuoLian 431 SS Sheet Specifications

Stainless Steel 431 conforms to the following standards.

  • AISI: 431
  • AMS: 5628, S-18732
  • ASTM: A276, A473, A511, A579, A580
  • BS: 431S29, BS EN10204
  • DIN: 1.4057; DMS-1565
  • MIL S: -18732, -8967
  • UNS: S43100
431 SS Sheet Specifications
431 Stainless Steel Sheet Processing Service

431 Stainless Steel Sheet Processing Service

  • 431 SS Sheet Cutting: Flame, laser, wire, shear, plasma, etc.
  • 431 SS Sheet Slitting
  • 431 SS Sheet Etching
  • 431 SS Sheet Welding
  • 431 SS Sheet Bending
  • 431 SS Sheet Polishing
  • 431 SS Sheet Embossing
  • 431 SS Sheet Bead Blasted
  • 431 SS Sheet Color Coating

431 SS Sheet Main Field of Application

Grade 431 stainless steels are frequently used for the following:

  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Valves, Shafts, Axles
  • Pumps, Propeller Shafts,
  • Beater Bars
  • Pump Shafts
  • Fasteners
  • Marine Systems
  • Cookware, label ware
  • Laboratory Equipment
  • Surgical Instruments
  • Aircraft Components
  • Household Appliances
431 SS Sheet Main Field of Application
431 Stainless Steel Sheet Key Properties

431 Stainless Steel Sheet Key Properties


  • The sheets have greater resistance to salt water, but less resistance to tropical water.
  • Overall corrosion resistance is comparable to 304 steels.
  • Smooth-surfaced function well under a tempered and harsh environments. 


  • It has excellent tension and torsional strength
  • The alloy is applied to various market segments

TuoLian 431 Stainless Steel Sheet Specification

Product Stainless Steel 431 Sheet
Thickness 0.3-10.0mm, or customize as per request
Width 1000mm – 3500mm, etc
Length 2000mm – 6000mm, etc
Standard JIS, AISI, GB, EN, etc
Surface Embossed, 2D, NO.1, NO.8, 8K, Sand Blast, Etching, etc
Package Wooden boxes, Wooden pallets, Wooden crates, Shrink-wrapped, Carton boxes, etc.
Edge Mill Edge/ Slit Edge
Technique Hot-rolled, Cold-rolled

431 Stainless Steel Sheet Technique

Welding Stainless Steel Sheet 431

Due to the potential for cracking, welding grade 431 stainless steel is challenging.

Pre-heating materials between 200 to 300°C prior to welding is advised.

Machining 431 SS Sheet

431 is easily machineable with all operations like turning, drilling, etc

All machining must be done in accordance with tool type, speed, and feeds.

Cold Bending
Cold Bending

Type 431 SS panel is simple to bend, draw, spin, and more.


Hot Bending
Hot Bending

Grade 431 steel is heated to 2100-2200 F for optimal results.

Work materials at no lower than 1650 F (900 C).

Forging SS 431 Sheet

Heat the 431-grade panel uniformly to between 1150° and 1200°C.

Do not soak; instead, start forging right away.

Hardening SS 431 Sheet

Hardening 431 can be done through heating at 980–1065 °C.

It can hold for approximately half an hour and then harden by quenching in air or oil.

Nitriding SS 431 Sheet

Nitriding at 500°C to 550°C, and then air-cooled.

Tempering SS 431 Sheet

Temper for the desired qualities. It can be heated to between 590° and 680°C as needed.

Annealing SS 431 Sheet

Grade 431 can be heated to between 620 and 660°C (1200–1500 F) and then air-cooled.

431-Grade SS Sheet Technical Data

Grade Carbon Manganese Silicon Phosphorus Sulfur Chromium Nickel
431 0.20% 1.00% 1.00% 0.04% 0.03% 15 – 18.00% 1.25 -2.50%
Condition Tensile Strength(MPa) 0.2% Yield N/mm² Elongation % Izod KCV J Hardness Brinell (HB)
*T 850-1000 635 11 63 34- 63 20 248-302
Grade 431
Density (kg/m3) 7800
Elastic Modulus (GPa) 200
Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (μm/m/°C) 0-100°C 10.2
  0-315°C 12.1
Thermal Conductivity (W/m.K) at 100°C 20.2
Specific Heat 460
Electrical Resistivity 720

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