50mm Stainless Steel Tube Manufacturer in China

The 50mm stainless steel tube is made from high-grade materials that ensure quality and performance. It is composed of different elements such as chromium, nickel, molybdenum, and more. Stainless steel tubes can be used for different applications including industrial and mechanical industries.

TuoLian produces stainless steel pipes in different varieties, shapes, and specifications. We are providing a 50mm SS tube with long-lasting performance and excellent strength. You can send us your required designs, surface treatments, or lengths for your SS product.

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50mm SS Tube By Surface Finish

  • Satin Polished
    Satin Polished
    • Surface finish:  Satin
    • Thickness:  50mm
    • Type of steel:  200/300/400 series of SS
  • 2b Finish
    2b Finish
    • Surface finish: 2b finish
    • Thickness: 50mm
    • Type of steel:  200, 400 series
  • Mirror Polished
    Mirror Polished
    • Surface finish: Mirror, bright polished
    • Thickness: 50mm
    • Length: Available in all lengths and sizes
  • Mill Finish
    Mill Finish
    • Surface finish: Mill
    • Thickness: 50mm
    • Technique: both hot rolled and cold rolled
  • Brushed Finish
    Brushed Finish
    • Surface finish: Brushed Polished
    • Thickness: 50mm
    • Features: easy to weld and cut
  • Perforated Finish
    Perforated Finish
    • Surface finish: Perforated polished
    • Thickness: 50mm
    • Length: max length, customizable

Properties of SS Tube 50mm

  • Works in environments with strong humidity
  • Highly-resistant to weathering
  • Strong against corrosion
  • Very easy to clean
  • The surface does not scratch easily
  • Structure withstand wear and damage
  • Great machinability and weldability
Properties of SS Tube
Uses and Applications

Uses and Applications

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Choose the stainless steel grade you need, for any use, Tuolian always gives you the best solution.

One Stop Stainless Steel Supply.

Whether you need stainless steel materials for your business or fabrication projects, TuoLian is your best supplier. You can find all types, grades, and thicknesses based on your needs. Guaranteed that we provide the best quality at a reasonable cost.
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