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8K Stainless Steel Sheet

8K Stainless Steel Sheet Manufacturer in China

8k stainless steel sheet offers a polished finish that is highly reflective, achieved through a meticulous process of grinding and polishing. While it boasts a mirror-like surface, it’s worth noting that faint grit lines may still be visible. This surface finish is comparable to the No.7 finish, known for its smooth appearance. The remarkable flexibility of 8k stainless steel sheet allows for easy bending and shaping, making it possible to stretch or punch holes in the sheet as desired. Furthermore, we offer customization options for different sizes, shapes, and grades of 8k stainless steel sheets to cater to your specific project requirements.

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Features of 8K Stainless Steel Sheet

The special surface treatment of 8k stainless steel sheet offers several outstanding advantages. It is highly durable, wear-resistant, and resistant to general corrosion. Additionally, it is easy to maintain and does not easily fade, making it a cost-effective choice. Our 8k stainless steel sheet also has a decorative effect, allowing for the etching of patterns and text. Along with these features, it possesses rust and heat resistance, low-temperature strength, and desirable mechanical properties.

Features of 8K Stainless Steel Sheet
Applications of 8K Stainless Steel Sheet

Applications of 8K Stainless Steel Sheet

8k stainless steel sheet finds frequent use in high-strength and durable construction projects. It is also employed in various decorative applications, such as hotels, shopping malls, clubs, colorful bars, luxury boats, luxury showcases, and more. Additionally, our 8k stainless steel sheet can be utilized for kitchen cabinets, benches, trolleys, hoods, tables, food machines, chemical containers, sinks, billboards, doors and gates, mailboxes, artworks, elevators, wall panels, cladding, and windshield wipers.

Professional Equipment

As a reputable manufacturer of 8k stainless steel sheet, Tuolian is equipped with state-of-the-art machinery. Our advanced polishing machine, washing and drying machine, laminating machine, grinding fluid conveying device, and coiler ensure the production of high-quality, customized sheets. Moreover, our polishing materials, including polishing paste and polishing liquid, adhere to international standards. Simply send us your inquiries, and we will strive to fulfill each order to the best of our abilities.

Professional Equipment


Width 800~2000mm
Thickness 0.2~100mm
Length 1~12mtrs or cut to length
Size 1000*2000MM/1219*2438MM/ 1500*3000MM
Grade 309S/309, 430, 304/304L, 316/316L, 410/410S, 409/409L, 201, 202, 310S, 321/321H, 347/347H, 904L, 420, 430, Duplex, Super Duplex, Alloy 20, 254 SMO
Standard JIT, AISI, DIN, TUV, GB, ASTM, ASTM A240,JIS G4304, BS 1449, DIN17460, DIN 17441, ASME and EN

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