Alloy 20 Rod

Alloy 20 rods are typically composed of various elements, including copper, nickel, chromium, iron, niobium, and molybdenum.

Leading Alloy 20 Rod Manufacturer - Tuolian

Alloy 20 Rods are commonly used for furnace fixtures, processing equipment, heat exchanger components, petrochemical converters, food processing, and other general-purpose applications.

The alloy 20 rods are ideal for these applications since they are highly resistant to chlorides, phosphoric acids, sulfuric acids, nitric acids, pitting, corrosion, and other corrosive environments. Aside from that, they have excellent mechanical properties.

Tuolian offers high-quality alloy 20 rods in various forms, including hexagon, half-round, square, round, and more. Our alloy 20 in rod forms can also be pickled, polished, or sand-blasted. To meet your special business needs, we can manufacture them to your custom specifications.

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