Black Hairline Stainless Steel

Black Hairline Stainless Steel

TuoLian manufactures black hairline stainless steel sheets that are popularly used in building construction and decoration applications.

  • High-strength
  • Competitive prices
  • Available in various shapes, sizes, thicknesses, etc.
  • Offers OEM and ODM services

Black Hairline Stainless Steel Manufacturer in China

Black hairline stainless steel sheets or plates come in a variety of colors such as black titanium, matte black, and more. Due to their filamentous and silk-like texture, they are more colorful and attractive than the ordinary black stainless steel sheet. Compared to the bright stainless steel, they look more upscale and have better wear resistance.

At TuoLian, we offer high-quality and high-strength black hairline stainless steel in a variety of thicknesses, material grades, sizes, and other specifications. Our black stainless steel can also be customized as per your needs.

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Black Hairline 201 Stainless Steel Sheet
  • Application: Luxury indoor decoration
  • Features: High hardness, high yield point, etc.
Titanium Black Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet
Black PVD Hairline Stainless Steel Sheet
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Why Choose TuoLian Black Hairline Stainless Steel

Attractive Look
Attractive Look

The black hairline stainless steel is full of silky lines on its smooth surface, making them look stylish and attractive.


Black hairline stainless steels are resistant to corrosive elements and have more corrosion resistance than ordinary stainless steel.

Excellent Weldability
Excellent Weldability

Due to the excellent weldability of hairline stainless steel, its surface can be welded and repaired when damaged.


The black stainless steel can withstand processing at room temperature and high-temperature oxidation.

Surface Treatment

Black hairline stainless steel can be applied with an anti-fingerprint coating to ensure color consistency and shine without any fingerprint stains. The anti-fingerprint coating is an excellent option for exterior and interior building decoration, especially in public areas where people touch and reach a lot.

Other treatments for the hairline stainless steel include etching, PVD coating, and more. PVD coating is highly durable and adds protection. It also offers excellent performance in outdoor applications. Other surface treatments can be applied based on your requirements.

Surface Treatment
Black Hairline Finish

Black Hairline Finish

Stainless steel with a black hairline finish is beautiful, neat, and has a mild tone. That is why they are commonly used for decoration in elevators, buildings, and other areas. In contrast to stainless steel with mirror surface finishes, the black hairline finish stainless steel is ideal for places that get dirty easily and other public areas.

Black hairline finish stainless steel reflects light beautifully and brightly. It has a silk-like texture but you can’t feel it. Its surface is full of slender lines which makes them look more stylish and different than the usual black stainless steel.

Various Applications

Due to their appearance and strength, the black hairline stainless steel sheets are widely used for various decoration and construction projects such as:

architectural decoration auto sliding door pipe auto revolving door screens aisle panels entertainment place
elevator interior construction and decoration window and door frame handrail luxury doors wine cabinet art work government buildings
wall decoration plate KTV indoor decoration showcase advertising nameplate columns airport shopping center
kitchen equipment balustrade cabinets and ceilings aisle panels light industrial subway star hotel decoration

Grade Options
Grade Options

The black hairline stainless steel can be manufactured using different grades of stainless steel such as:

  • 201
  • 301
  • 304
  • 321
  • 316L
  • 317
  • 309S
  • 310
  • 430
  • 441
  • 443

TuoLian is producing black hairline stainless steel according to the highest standards such as:

  • DIN
  • ASTM
  • AISI
  • EN
  • JIS
  • GB

Various Characteristics

Hairline Texture
Hairline Texture

The hairline texture on the stainless steel is also called pull wire since it has a wire-like texture. Unlike regular black stainless steel, the black hairline stainless steel is more practical, corrosion-resistant, stronger, and not easy to scratch. Also, because of their hairline texture, they are easy to work with.

Their hairline texture also gives the stainless steel a more graded appearance than the regular black stainless steel.


Black hairline stainless steel’s durability and longevity are an important element for both building contractors and homeowners. TuoLian manufactures durable black hairline stainless steel in a variety of thicknesses and grades such as 316, 304, and more. We also offer them in various colors such as black titanium, matte black, etc.

Due to their durability, they are commonly used for both decorative purposes and construction projects. They also have excellent workability and are suitable for welding.


TuoLian offers high-quality black hairline finish stainless steel at reasonable prices. however, the cost of a particular black hairline finish stainless steel depends on its:

  • manufacturing process
  • specifications
  • materials
  • customization

Black hairline finish stainless steel is the ideal material for decorative applications due to its:

It is suitable for decorative applications in door frames, building facades, and other applications.

Your Reliable Black Hairline Stainless Steel Supplier – Leken
Your Reliable Black Hairline Stainless Steel Supplier – TuoLian

TuoLian manufactures all kinds of black hairline stainless steel from the highest quality materials such as 304, 316, 443, and other stainless steel grades. We also used state-of-the-art processes to produce black hairline stainless steels that have a sleek appearance and can withstand tear and wear.

What are the Other Advantages of Black Hairline Stainless Steel Sheets?

Black hairline stainless steel sheets have a lot of advantages. They are:

  • easy to clean
  • easy to weld
  • easy to process at room temperature.
  • wear-resistant
  • more practical
  • more attractive than the ordinary black stainless steel sheet

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Choose the stainless steel grade you need, for any use, Tuolian always gives you the best solution.

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Whether you need stainless steel materials for your business or fabrication projects, TuoLian is your best supplier. You can find all types, grades, and thicknesses based on your needs. Guaranteed that we provide the best quality at a reasonable cost.
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