Copper Nickel Bar

Copper nickel bars are also referred to as CuNi or cupro-nickel bars. They come in various types such as C70600 and C71500 CuNi bars. CuNi bars have high strength even under pressure or different temperatures. They are also highly resistant to erosion, organic compounds, seawater, acids, and corrosion.

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Moreover, CuNi bars have good weldability and anti-fouling properties.

Thanks to the advantages that CuNi bars offer, they are well-suited for various applications. They can be used for producing marine hardware, bolting, drill components, pump components, fittings, valve components, and more.

Tuolian manufactures a wide range of high-quality and cost-effective CuNi bars to suit various needs. You can obtain our CuNi bars in different sizes and shapes such as square, round, hexagonal, triangular, rectangular, or custom bar shapes.

Finish: Black Finish, No.4 Finish, Bright Polished, BA, or Matte Finish

Length: 100mm – 3660mm

Thickness: 5mm – 500mm

End: Beveled, Plain, or Threaded

Thickness: 5mm – 500mm

End: Beveled, Plain, or Threaded

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