• Copper Nickel Coil

Copper Nickel Coil

Copper nickel coil is mainly an alloy of nickel and copper. It is added with strengthening elements such as manganese and iron. Moreover, this coil is also referred to as CuNi or cupronickel coil.

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Cupronickel coils have good thermal conductivity, ductility, antimicrobial properties, and ease of fabrication. They can resist bio-fouling, erosion, and corrosion.

The great characteristics of CuNi coils enable them to be used in various applications such as electrical equipment, deep drawing components, radiator parts, air conditioners, heat exchanger shells, military equipment, cryogenic applications, water heaters, and many more.

Tuolian manufactures a wide range of copper-nickel or CuNi coils to suit various applications. We offer them in thicknesses of about 0.01 to 20mm. They also have 1mm up to 2500mm of width. To meet your specific business needs, we can customize the size, finishes, and other specifications of the CuNi coils.

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