Copper Nickel Sheet

Copper nickel sheets are also known as cupronickel or Cu-Ni sheets. They offer excellent thermal stability, high strength, good mechanical properties, and good fabricability. Cu-Ni sheets are highly resistant to biofouling, barnacle growth, oxidation, corrosion, seawater, and other hazardous elements.

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Due to the outstanding characteristics of Cu-Ni sheets, they are used in many applications and industries. You can use them for DIY projects, crafting, seawater piping, and decoration. Also, Cu-Ni sheets are widely used in the production of pump components, electronic parts, valve parts, heat exchangers, hull plates, condensers, and other hardware.

Tuolian offers all kinds of high-quality copper nickel or Cu-Ni sheets at competitive prices. We offer 70/30 copper nickel sheets and 90/10 copper nickel sheets. 70/30 Cu-Ni sheets have 30% nickel content. They are also known as C71500 Cu-Ni sheets. On the other hand, 90/10 Cu-Ni sheets are also known as C70600 Cu-Ni sheets and contain 10% of nickel.

Forms: Plain Sheet,  Perforated Sheet, Shim Sheet, or B. Q. Profile Sheet

Surface Finish: 2B Finish, Sandblasted Finish, BA Finish, NO.1 Finish, NO.4 Finish, or custom finish

Width: 10 to 2500mm or customized

Length: 2000mm to 6000mm or custom length

Thickness: 0.1mm to 120mm

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