Copper Nickel Strip

Copper nickel strips are also known as CuNi or cupro-nickel strips. They are sheared from copper nickel coils or sheets into long strips.

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CuNi strips offer a lot of advantages including good bendability, anti-microbial characteristics, and excellent strength. They are also capable of withstanding bio-fouling, corrosion, seawater, and erosion.

Due to their advantages, they are suitable for many different applications and industries. They are commonly used in construction, electronics, marine applications, aerospace, military, and many more.

Tuolian manufactures high-quality CuNi strips in various grades, including C70600 and C71500. We are also capable of customizing the CuNi strips according to your specific requirements.

Finish: polish, sandblasting finish, bright finish, or custom finish

Thickness: 0.01mm up to 20mm

Length: can be customized

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