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Tuolian manufactures high-temperature GH2132 alloy nickel material for your projects. This alloy is also known as UNSs66286 or AISI A286. GH2132 is composed of 16% chromium, 27% nickel, balance iron, and small amounts of other elements. Due to its high-caliber chemical combination, it offers excellent oxidation-resistant and good creep-rupture strength. It performs well at temperatures exceeding 700°C (1300°F).

GH2132 has a good physical and mechanical property. It has a 7.99 g/cm3 density, 1364-1424 °C melting range, elongation of 30%, and 270MPa Ultimate Strength.

Various sectors used GH2132 material including the transportation industry, automotive, chemical, aerospace, nuclear energy, and more.

Our range of GH2132 alloy has excellent fabrication features and workability. It can be easily shaped in different forms and styles such as plate or sheet, round bar, and rod, strips, coil, etc. Specify your sizes, forms, and finishes for your business. Our team can manufacture the right material according to ASTM, ASME, ISO, DIN, and JIS standards, and more.

You can guarantee 100% quality GH2132 alloy at Tuolian. Message us!

GH2132 Features

  • Cost-effective metal
  • Fast production time
  • Full customization
  • Versatile material
  • High-temperature alloy steel
  • Perfect for a wide range of applications
  • Available in various forms and sizes


GH2132 Sheet
GH2132 Sheet
GH2132 Pipe
GH2132 Pipe
GH2132 Bar
GH2132 Bar
GH2132 Rod
GH2132 Rod
GH2132 Strip
GH2132 Strip
GH2132 Coil
GH2132 Coil
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