High-Quality GH3030 Material

GH3030 material is a high-temperature alloy composed of nickel, chromium, and other excellent elements. A solid solution-strengthening alloy type with outstanding resistance to oxidation, in both aqueous and high-temperature environments. It can work in below 800 ℃ temperature.

GH3030 exhibits good physical properties with 8.3g/cm3 density and 1374 – 1420 ℃ melting temperature range.

Tuolian is a professional in fabricating Gh3030 using a cold stamping process, thermal processing, welding, forging, cold rolling, and more. It can be formed in different shapes depending on your requests. Tuolian supply GH3030 sheet, GH3030 pipe, GH3030 bar, GH3030 coil, GH3030 strip and GH3030 bar. We can deliver this product in pickled, polished, annealed, right-annealed, and other surface treatments. Standard and custom sizes are available.


GH3030 alloy is used in navigation, the chemical industry, the aviation sector, aerospace, medical instruments, nuclear energy applications, transportation, communication, automotive, and more.

Chemical Composition

Chromium 22% | Carbon .12% | Nickel Balance | Iron 1.5% | Manganese 0.7% | Titanium .35% | Aluminum .15% | Silicon .8% | Sulfur 0.02% | Phosphorus 0.3% | Copper 0.2%


GH 3030 Sheet
GH3030 Sheet
GH 3030 Pipe
GH3030 Pipe
GH 3030 Bar
GH3030 Bar
GH3030 Rod
GH3030 Rod
GH3030 Strip
GH3030 Strip
GH3030 Coil
GH3030 Coil
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