Tuolian GH4033 Alloy Steel

GH4033 is a nickel–chromium precipitation hardening alloy. It is composed of 22% Chromium, 4% iron, balance nickel, 2.8% Titanium, and other elements. GH4033 alloy exhibits up to 750ºC high-temperature strength and below 900ºC oxidation resistance.

GH4033 alloy is popular for producing turbine discs, aero-engine turbine engine blades, high-temperature bearing components, and other products found in the aviation industry, electronics, medical, chemical, industrial, etc.

Tuolian is an expert in various fabrication techniques such as hot rolling, cold rolling, forging, hot extrusion, welding, machining, annealing, pickling, and more. These methods allow us to produce GH4033 in different forms such as sheet, plate, rod, bar, tube, pipe, coil, strip, etc. You can specify the sizes, thicknesses, diameters, surface treatment, and shapes of GH4033 alloy.

For your GH4033 specific requirements, please settle with Tuolian. We are committed for many years to manufacturing durable alloy steel for clients needs.


GH4043 Sheet
GH4033 Sheet
GH4043 Pipe
GH4033 Pipe
GH4043 Bar
GH4033 Bar
GH4043 Rod
GH4033 Rod
GH4033 Strip
GH4043 Coil
GH4033 Coil
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