• Hastelloy B3 Rod
  • Hastelloy B3 Rod
  • Hastelloy B3 Rod
  • Hastelloy B3 Rod
  • Hastelloy B3 Rod

Hastelloy B3 Rod | UNS N10675

Hastelloy B3 rod is composed of nickel, molybdenum, tungsten and other elements.

This alloy can withstand a broad range of harmful chemicals such as:

  • Sulfuric
  • Phosphoric acids
  • Hydrogen sulfide
  • Hydrochloric
  • Chloride ions, etc.

Tuolian Hastelloy B3 Rod (ASTM B 335)

Tuolian manufactures Hastelloy B3 Rod commonly used for the chemical processing industry, petroleum industry, pharmaceutical, and more. All rod shapes are available such as round, square, blocks, hollow, round rod, rectangular bar, triangle, etc. The standard rod sizes we offer range from 6mm-2500mm outer diameter, and 2000mm to 12000mm lengths. These rods can be custom-cut depending on your requests.

Hastelloy B3 Rod is manufactured following ASTM, API, GB, DIN, and EN specification standards. They also complied with ISO, BV, and SGS certifications. Thus, you can guarantee high-quality products for your applications.

Tuolian B3 Rod has excellent machinability and fabricability. Thus, it is suitable for the cold drawning process, hot rolling, forging round bars, cold rolling, and more.

For improved performance and a perfect finish, Hastelloy B3 Rod can be surface polished, rough turned, smooth turned, hot rolled annealed, centreless ground & black, and many more.

  • Turbine blades
  • Turbine disks
  • Guide vanes
  • Industrial gas turbines
  • Machine manufacturing
  • Combustion chambers
  • High pressure compressor disks

Nickel 65% | Molybdenum 28.5% | Chromium 1.5% | Iron 1.5% | Tungsten 3% | Manganese 3% | Carbon 0.01% | Aluminum 0.5% | Titanium 0.02% |

Density 9.2g/cm3 | Melting range 2550 °F | Tensile Strength 760MPa | Yield Strength 350MPa | 40% Elongation

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