• Hastelloy C276 Bar
  • Hastelloy C276 Bar
  • Hastelloy C276 Bar
  • Hastelloy C276 Bar

Hastelloy C276 | N10276

  • Ability to resist oxidizing conditions
  • Excellent resilience
  • Precise dimensions
  • Rust-proof finish
  • Remarkable stress distribution
  • Maintain high pressure as well as temperature load

Professional Hastelloy C276 Bar Manufacturer

A corrosion-resistant alloy made mostly of nickel, chromium, and molybdenum is known as Hastelloy C276 Bar. Small quantities of tungsten and cobalt are also present. The substance demonstrates exceptional resistance to a variety of corrosive conditions, such as high-temperature gases and liquids as well as oxidizing and reducing acids.

Hastelloy C276 Bar is frequently used in the petrochemical, chemical, and power generation sectors as well as in the manufacture of waste treatment systems, pulp and paper processing equipment, and pollution control equipment. Round, flat, and hexagonal bars, among other shapes and sizes, are among the alloy’s accessible forms.

The existence of Hastelloy C276 bars gives benefits in various applications and industries, like the oil and gas industry, chemical refineries, agricultural sectors, heavy engineering industries, dairy, and food processing, automobile industries, railway engines, arms/ammunition making, and more.

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TuoLian provides a variety of shapes and forms of Hastelloy C276 bars that are suited to the particular prerequisites of our customers.

Our bars can be found in a variety of shapes, including square, rectangular, round, billet, forging, hexagonal, wire, and more.

Mechanical Properties:

  • Form: Bar Hastelloy C276
  • 0 ksi is the tensile strength.
  • Yield (ksi):.2% 52.6 ksi
  • Extension: 62%

Physical Properties: 

  • 89 g/cm3 is the density.
  • 1325°C to 1370°C are the melting points.
Standards:  ·         SB 574 ASTM/ASME

·         SB 572 ASTM/ASME

·         SB 335 ASTM/ASME

Sizes 5 mm to 500 mm
Availability 100mm to 6000mm (or more longer)
  • Rough
  • Bright Annealed (BA)
  • Polished
  • Matt Finish
  • Bright
  • Turned
  • Black
  • No. 4 Finish

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