• Hastelloy C4 coil
  • Hastelloy C4 coil
  • Hastelloy C4 coil
  • Hastelloy C4 coil
  • Hastelloy C4 coil

Hastelloy C4 Coil

The Hastelloy C4 coil is a type of alloy that provides an excellent depending on its applications. This offers high-temperature stability which you don’t have to worry about when exposed to high heat for up to 1900 °F 1038 °C.  Aside from that, it has also the ability to resist against corrosion, stress corrosion, oxidation, crevice attack, and pitting. These types of Hastelloy C4 coils are also easy to weld and form depending on your needs.

Hastelloy C4 Coil Supplier

You can use this Hastelloy in different fields of application, especially for chemical processing equipment, aviation, industrial, electronics, aviation, medical, nuclear fuel processing and so much more. It is also applicable depending on your needs.

Our Hastelloy C4 coil offers a tensile strength of 690 Mpa, yield strength of 276 MPa, and elongation of 40% which make it strong to work even in harsh environments.

If you required specific finishing options, we can offer you different these from hot rolled, cold rolled, 2D, BA, CBA, 2BA, and many more. You can also request customize thicknesses from 0.1mm to 12mm and hardness from soft, hard, haft hard, quarter hard, spring hard, and so on.

You can rest assured that every hastelloy C4 made are passed various international certifications. The common for these are ISO, RoHS, IBR, CE, SGS, and more. Message us now!

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