• Hastelloy C4 rod
  • Hastelloy C4 rod
  • Hastelloy C4 rod
  • Hastelloy C4 rod

Hastelloy C4 Rod

We produce a thousand Hastelloy C4 rod every single day. All of them offers excellent feature depending on their applications. It can offer high-temperature stability, high ductility, corrosion resistance, chemical resistance, oxidation resistance, and more. It is strong enough to work even in salt water and high temperature for up to 1900°F or 1038 °C.

Hastelloy C4 Rod Manufacturer in China | Tuolian

Tuolian makes sure that all of our Hastelloy rods can be used in chemical processing, machine manufacturing, nuclear fuel processing, high-temperature components, and more. You can also use it in at marines industry, aerospace, naval and industrial gas turbines, and other industries depending on your needs.

You can request any customization depending on the size you need starting from 8mm to 310mm. Not just that you can also request any finishes option such as hot rolled, cold rolled, annealed, descaled, 2B, BA, CBA, and 2BA.

At Tuolian, we make sure that every hastelloy C4 rod meets international certification for quality assurance. These include ISO, IBR, RoHS, GB, DIN, CE, AISI, JIS, EN, SGS, ASTM, and many more.

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