• Hastelloy G Pipe
  • Hastelloy G Pipe
  • Hastelloy G Pipe
  • Hastelloy G Pipe
  • Hastelloy G Pipe

Hastelloy G Pipe

TuoLian, Hastelloy G pipe is made from the superior Hastelloy G alloy and is designed to provide unrivaled strength, durability, and corrosion resistance, even in the hardest situations. It is a nickel alloy with chromium. iron, and molybdenum. The chemical formula for Hastelloy G is as follows, 68% nickel (Ni), 16.5% chromium (Cr), 15% iron (Fe), and 5.5% molybdenum (Mo).

Hastelloy G Pipe

TuoLian, Hastelloy G Pipe is the ideal choice for transporting corrosive chemicals, gases, or liquids at high temperatures and pressures. Upgrade your plumbing system today to experience the ultimate in strength, longevity, and corrosion resistance with Hastelloy G pipe.

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