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Hastelloy G | UNS N06007

  • Nickel (Ni): 71.5%
  • Chromium (Cr): 15%
  • Iron (Fe): 8%
  • Molybdenum (Mo): 3%
  • Tungsten (W): 3%
  • Cobalt (Co): 1.5%
  • Manganese (Mn): 0.5%

Professional Hastelloy G Manufacturer

Hastelloy G is a type of nickel alloy known for its excellent resistance to corrosion, oxidation, sulfuric acid & high-temperature environments. This alloy is composed of nickel, iron, chromium, & molybdenum elements.

We offer Hastelloy G in various forms, including sheets, plates, bars, rods, pipes, and tubes . The sheets and plates are available in a thickness range from 0.5mm to 50mm; widths up to 2m; lengths up to 6m.

The bars and rods are accessible in the diameter range from 6mm to 300mm; lengths up to 6m. Pipes and tubes can be manufactured in an outer diameter range from 6mm to 508mm; wall thickness from 0.5mm to 50mm; lengths up to 12m.

Some of the common finishes we offer for Hastelloy G include a bright annealed finish, a polished finish, a brushed finish, and a sandblasted finish. These finishes not only improve the appearance of the material but also enhance its performance against corrosion, wear, and abrasion.

Hastelloy G material serves various industries such as chemical processing, petrochemical, aerospace, marine industries, oil and gas, power generation, waste processing, and more.

With our wide range of forms, sizes, and finishes of Hastelloy G, we are confident that we can provide the right Hastelloy G-grade products for your specific applications.

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Hastelloy G Sheet
Hastelloy G Sheet
Hastelloy G pipe
Hastelloy G Pipe
Hastelloy G rod
Hastelloy G Rod
Hastelloy G bar
Hastelloy G Bar
Hastelloy G Coil
Hastelloy G Coil
Hastelloy G strip
Hastelloy G Strip
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Tensile strength – 650 MPa to 880 MPa

Yield strength – 300 MPa to 500 MPa

Elongation – 30% to 45%

Hardness – 25 HRC to 40 HRC

Key physical properties of Hastelloy G include a density of 8.3 g/cm3, a specific gravity of 8.3, and a melting point of around 1400-1450°C. Hastelloy G also has good electrical conductivity & can withstand high temperatures without losing its physical properties.

Fabrication techniques used for Hastelloy G include welding, forming, machining, and cutting. This material can be annealed at temperatures ranging from 1020°C to 1100°C. Followed by rapid cooling to achieve the desired properties.

We use a range of advanced testing methods, such as mechanical testing, chemical analysis, and non-destructive testing. Our material testing processes also include ultrasonic testing, X-ray testing, and magnetic particle testing, among others.

Common specifications for Hastelloy G include ASTM B575 for plates, ASTM B574 for bars and rods, and ASTM B619/B622 for pipes and tubes.

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