• Hastelloy G 3 Coil

Hastelloy G3 Coil

Hastelloy G 3 in coil forms is an alloy of iron, nickel, and chromium. These alloys are also added with copper and molybdenum.

They are produced by flattening the Hastelloy G 3 material into sheets. After that, it will be rolled up. There are different techniques for manufacturing the Hastelloy G-3 coils. These techniques include cold and hot rolling.

Hastelloy G3 Coil Supplier | Tuolian

Tuolian offers both cold rolled and hot rolled Hastelloy G-3 in coil forms. These coils feature excellent weldability. They also have excellent resistance to heat-affected-zone or HAZ corrosion, oxidizing chemicals, sulfuric acids, and phosphoric acids. The resistance Hastelloy G-3 coils make them ideal for various harsh applications.

For the finishing of Hastelloy G-3 coils, we offer no. 1 finish and 2B finish. You can also request a specific finish to suit your special needs.

Variety of Applications

  • Oil & gas production equipment
  • Industrial & naval gas turbines
  • Combustion chambers
  • Compressor disks
  • Turbine disks
  • Guide vanes
  • Scrubbers
  • Turbine blades

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Hastelloy G 3 Coil  Properties

Physical Properties

Density: 8.14 g/cm3

Electrical Resistivity: 1180µΩ·m

Specific Heat:  0.108 Btu/lb.°F & 452 J/kg. K

Melting Range: 2300-2450°F (1260-1345°C)

Mechanical Properties

Min. Yield Strength: 320 Mpa & 47 ksi

Min. Tensile Strength: 690 Mpa & 100 ksi

Min. Hardness: 79 HRB

Min. Elongation: 50%

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