• Hastelloy G3 rod
  • Hastelloy G 3 rod
  • Hastelloy G 3 rod
  • Hastelloy G 3 rod
  • Hastelloy G 3 rod

Hastelloy G3 Rod

The Hastelloy G3 is a type of alloy that offers excellent features such as good ductility, excellent weldability, and harder and much stronger compared to others. These also provide great performance even in harsh environments due to their corrosion resistance against oxidizing chemicals, atmosphere, intergranular, pitting and crevice, oxidizing salt, and many more.

Hastelloy G3 Rod

Tuolian produce this Hastelloy G3 rod in order to meet the demand application for, oil production equipment, sour gas production equipment, flue gas scrubbers, and handling equipment. It is also perfect to use in mixed acids processing, sulfate compound processing, and others depending on your needs.

Our Hastelloy G3 provides a great tensile strength of 90 KSI, yield strength of 35 KSI, elongation of 45%, and a hardness of aim Rb 100 max.

You can request customize on us depending on your needs from our finish options. We offer Hot rolled, 2D, BA, CBA, Cold Rolled, and 2BA. Aside from that, Tuolian also offers polish or grind Hastelloy G 3 Rods depending on your request.  Message us now!

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