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Hastelloy G3 | N06985

Hastelloy G3 is commonly referred to as alloy G3. It has either DIN 2.4619 or UNS6985 designation. These are iron-nickel-chromium alloys. However, it is also added with copper and molybdenum content. Thus, it can provide intergranular corrosion resistance. It has different characteristics including:

  • Good weldability
  • Deformation resistance
  • Excellent surface stability
  • Creep resistance
  • Oxidation resistance
  • Crevice and pitting corrosion resistance

Tuolian – Reliable Hastelloy G3 Manufacturer in China

Hastelloy G3 is a super alloy that is nickel-based. These are guaranteed to offer super performance. Its low carbon content makes this alloy sensitization-free. The weld-heat affected areas can also be protected against frequent intergranular corrosion. On the other hand, G3 alloy has high iron content that makes it cost-effective.

Because of its rich characteristics, alloy G3 is widely used for different applications. It includes heat exchangers, gas desulfurization systems, piping systems, generator tubing, oil refinery piping, chlorinated solvents, and papermaking. It is also ideal to be used for handling equipment components, sour gas production, and components for oil industry applications.

At Tuolian, we provide Hastelloy G3 in different forms. You can choose from tubes, plates, wires, pipes, strips, sheets, bars, billets, and more. It also comes in custom sizes, dimensions, diameters, and surface finish based on your requirements. Send us your inquiries today!

Hastelloy G 3 sheet
Hastelloy G 3 Sheet
Hastelloy G 3 pipe
Hastelloy G 3 Pipe
Hastelloy G 3 rod
Hastelloy G 3 Rod
Hastelloy G 3 bar
Hastelloy G 3 Bar
Hastelloy G 3 coil
Hastelloy G 3 Coil
Hastelloy G 3 strip
Hastelloy G 3 Strip
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GB NS3404
ASTM Hastelloy G-3
UNS N 06985
W.Nr. 2.4619
Element Unit Weight (max.)
C % ≤0.015
Si % ≤1.00
Mn % ≤1.00
P % ≤0.04
S % ≤0.03
Cr % 21-23.5
Ni % Balance
Co % ≤5.00
Mo % 6-8
W % ≤1.50
Nb+Ta % ≤0.50
Cu % 1.5 to 2.5
Fe % 18-21
Properties Value Unit
Density 8.14 g/cm3
Melting Point 1260 up to 1343 ⁰C
Tensile Strength 690 MPa
Yield Strength 321 MPa
Elongation 50 %
Tube or Pipe ASME SB829, ASTM B619, ASTM B751, ASME SB622, ASME SB751, etc.
Wire, Bars, Forging, Rod DIN 17752, ASME SB581, ASTM B581, etc.
Strips, Sheets, Plates ISO6208, ASTM B582, and more

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Cold Working

Cold working of Hastelloy G3 can be achieved using various methods, including rolling, bending, drawing, and forging. However, due to the alloy’s high strength and work-hardening tendency, cold working of Hastelloy G3 requires special attention and care to avoid cracking and deformation.


Hastelloy G3 can be challenging to machine due to its high strength and work-hardening tendency. However, by using appropriate cutting tools and cutting parameters, it is possible to improve its machinability and achieve high-quality machined components.


The recommended welding processes for Hastelloy G3 are gas tungsten arc welding (GTAW) and gas metal arc welding (GMAW). These processes produce a low-heat input and a narrow weld bead, which helps reduce the risk of weld distortion and heat-affected zone (HAZ) cracking.

Heat Treatment

Heat treatment of Hastelloy G3 can be used to improve its mechanical properties or to restore its corrosion resistance after welding or other fabrication processes. The recommended heat treatment for Hastelloy G3 is a solution annealing treatment followed by rapid quenching in water or air. Stress relieving can also be performed to reduce residual stresses in the alloy after fabrication.

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