• Hastelloy G30
  • Hastelloy G30
  • Hastelloy G30
  • Hastelloy G30
  • Hastelloy G30

Hastelloy G30 | UNS N06030

Hastelloy G30 alloy is a type of material that is made up of nickel, chromium, and iron. It is highly resistant to wet process phosphoric acid, which is a crucial chemical in the production of fertilizers.

This material is moderately resistant to localized attack caused by chloride, which can cause problems in the evaporators used to concentrate P2O5. In addition, it is less likely to experience chloride-induced stress corrosion cracking than stainless steel.

Due to its high chromium content, Hastelloy G30 alloy can also resist other oxidizing acids like nitric acid and mixtures containing nitric acid. It can also tolerate reducing acids like hydrochloric and sulfuric acid thanks to its molybdenum and copper contents.

Trusted Hastelloy G30 Manufacturer in China – Tuolian

In terms of formability, our Hastelloy G30 is similar to other alloys. It is typically stiffer than austenitic materials, but still has good ductility. This makes it easy to work with through cold working, which is often the preferred method of forming the material.

The material is also easy to weld, and can be welded using various methods such as Gas-Tungsten Arc, Gas Metal Arc, and shielded Metal Arc. The welding characteristics are similar to those of G-3, another type of HASTELLOY alloy.

At Tuolian, we offer Hastelloy G30 in variety of forms such as plates, sheets, strips, billets, bars, wires, pipes, tubes, and covered electrodes.

Whether you need custom sizes, cut-to-length, custom dimensions, and other specific Hastelloy G30 forms, Tuolian is your best supplier. Send us your inquiries today!

Hastelloy G 30 Sheet
Hastelloy G 30 Sheet
Hastelloy G 30 pipe
Hastelloy G 30 Pipe
Hastelloy G 30 rod
Hastelloy G 30 Rod
Hastelloy G 30 Bar
Hastelloy G 30 Bar
Hastelloy G 30 coil
Hastelloy G 30 Coil
Hastelloy G 30 strip
Hastelloy G 30 Strip
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Element Content (% by weight)
Nickel 46.0 – 50.0
Chromium 28.0 – 31.5
Iron 13.5 – 16.5
Molybdenum 4.0 – 6.0
Copper 1.5 – 4.0
Tungsten 1.5 – 4.0
Cobalt 1.0 max
Manganese 1.0 max
Silicon 0.8 max
Carbon 0.03 max
Phosphorus 0.04 max
Sulfur 0.02 max
Density 8.22 g/cm³
Melting Point 1370 – 1430°C (2500 – 2600°F)
Specific Heat 0.11 cal/g-°C (at 25°C)
Electrical Conductivity 3.6% IACS (at 20°C)
Thermal Conductivity 9.8 W/m-°C (at 100°C)
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 13.9 x 10^-6 /°C (at 20-100°C)
Modulus of Elasticity 215 GPa (31.2 x 10^6 psi)
Poisson’s Ratio 0.29
Tensile Strength 760 MPa (110,000 psi) min.
Yield Strength 360 MPa (52,000 psi) min.
Elongation 45% min.
Hardness (Rockwell B) 89 max.

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