high pressure stainless steel tubing

High Pressure Stainless Steel Tubing

About high-pressure stainless steel tubing

High-pressure stainless steel tubing is commonly employed in carrying gases and fluids under higher than regular atmospheric pressures. The tubing comes with flat, burr-free ends and a polished finish. Moreover, it can be flared without any risk of splitting, making it highly versatile. The operating temperature range for this tubing is -423°F to 1,200°F, ensuring its performance in extreme conditions. And our high pressure stainless steel tubing all has standards like ASTM A249, A269, and A789.

At our company, we offer a wide selection of sizes, shapes, and grades of high-pressure stainless steel tubing to cater to your diverse project needs. Whether you’re working on industrial applications, engineering projects, or any other venture requiring reliable tubing, we have you covered.

Features of high pressure stainless steel tubing

High-pressure stainless steel tubing boasts exceptional tensile and yield strength, making it highly robust and reliable. Its durability allows it to withstand both high pressure and elevated temperatures, ensuring long-lasting performance in demanding conditions. Additionally, this type of tubing exhibits excellent resistance to corrosion caused by caustic chemicals, corrosive fluids, oils, and gasses. You can trust high-pressure stainless steel tubing to deliver unmatched durability and protection against various environmental factors, making it a top choice for critical applications and industries.

Applications of high pressure stainless steel tubing

High-pressure stainless steel tubing is a popular choice for various applications due to its exceptional capabilities. It is commonly used for conveying caustic chemicals, high or low-temperature fluids, and toxic gasses. Additionally, it finds suitability in the aerospace industry, chemical and petrochemical sectors, process piping, marine industry, food and beverage, power generation, automotive, renewable energy, and pulp and paper industries. Moreover, high-pressure stainless steel tubing serves a diverse range of purposes, including high-pressure misting systems, chemical injections and sample lines, test benches, waterjet cutting, residential patio misting, restaurant misting, warehouse cooling, greenhouse cooling, and industrial misting.

Grade Choices

Testing to Ensure Quality

To ensure the utmost quality and reliability, our high-pressure stainless steel tubing undergoes rigorous testing using professional machines and advanced procedures. These tests include examination of dimensions, technological tests, tensile testing, metallographic examination, intergranular corrosion testing, and eddy current testing.

What is the highest pressure rating of our high-pressure stainless steel tubing?

The highest pressure rating for our high-pressure stainless steel tubing is up to an impressive 150,000 psi. You can trust our tubing to perform exceptionally in even the most demanding and critical applications.

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