• Incoloy 20 Coil
  • Incoloy 20 Coil
  • Incoloy 20 Coil
  • Incoloy 20 Coil
  • Incoloy 20 Coil

Incoloy 20 Coil

Incoloy 20 coils are formed by rolling the Incoloy 20 plate up. There are two different processes for producing them which include cold and hot rolling.

All the Incoloy 20 coils feature longevity, flexibility, and excellent corrosion resistance. They are also resistant to acids such as sulfuric, nitric, and phosphoric acids.

Incoloy 20 Coil Manufacturer - Tuolian

Tuolian offers high-strength and cost-effective Incoloy 20 coils or also referred to as Carpenter 20 coils or Alloy 20 coils.

Our Alloy 20 coils are commonly used for heat exchangers, heating coils, mixing tanks, chemical processing equipment, pickling tanks, barrels, and other applications.

They can be finished with no. 2B finish, no. 1 finish, BA finish, and other surface finish based on your request.

We also offer the Incoloy 20 coils in thicknesses that range from 0.1mm up to 5mm thick. Custom widths, lengths, thicknesses, and other specifications are available to suit your particular needs.

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Whether you need stainless steel materials for your business or fabrication projects, TuoLian is your best supplier. You can find all types, grades, and thicknesses based on your needs. Guaranteed that we provide the best quality at a reasonable cost.
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