• Incoloy 20 Strip
  • Incoloy 20 Strip
  • Incoloy 20 Strip
  • Incoloy 20 Strip
  • Incoloy 20 Strip

Incoloy 20 Strip

Incoloy 20 strips are also known as Incoloy 020, Carpenter 20, or alloy 20 strips. Others also call them Incoloy 20 strapping or belts.

Also, the alloy 20 strips are produced by slitting Incoloy 20 coils into long narrow strips. They are manufactured in accordance with the ASTM B463 standards. Thus, they are guaranteed to have accurate dimensions and material composition.

Incoloy 20 Strip Manufacturer - Tuolian

Tuolian offers high-quality Incoloy 20 strips that are widely used for pickling equipment, fittings, chemical processing equipment, food production equipment, and other applications.

Our alloy 20 strips possess good thermal properties and superior corrosion resistance. They also have good resistance to many acids such as nitric acids, phosphoric, and sulfuric acids. Due to their features, they can perform well in the said applications.

We offer the alloy 20 strips with widths of about 200mm. They are also about 0.05mm to 3mm thick. Different surface finishes are also suitable for the strips such as AB bright finish or customized finish. To fulfill your special business needs, we are capable of customizing their dimensions as per your requirements.

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