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Incoloy 20 | UNS N08020

There are many use of incoloy20 especially for processing of plastics, heavy and organic chemicals, pharmaceutical. It also used for manufacturing equipment, acid and pickling equipment,  tanks, pumps, valves, heat exchangers, piping and process equipments.

Tuolian Incoloy 20

Incoloy20 material is a nickel iron chromium alloy that contains molybdenum and copper. This type of alloy offers excellent corrosion resistance especially for metric acids, sulfuric acids, phosphoric acids, and chloride stress corrosion cracking. Aside from that, this incoloy20 also consist of niobium that use for stabilizations to minimize carbide precipitations that commonly happen during welding.

The fabrication process is Hot working. This type of alloy can be hot worked in high temperatures starting from 760°C up to 1175°C Welding. Incoloy20 can be welded by gas metal arc welding, gas tungsten, and shielded metal arc welding. Second Annealing, Alloy020 can be annealed at temperature of 982 up to 1010°C.

These incoloy20 becomes popular need for various industry especially for food, chemical, automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical and other industries.

Tuolian produce extensive range of incoloy20 that comes in different sizes, forms, finish and design. It can be customize according to your needs at reasonable price.

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Incoloy 20 sheet
Incoloy 20 Sheet
Incoloy 20 pipe
Incoloy 20 Pipe
Incoloy 20 rod
Incoloy 20 Rod
Incoloy 20 strip
Incoloy 20 Strip
Incoloy 20 coil
Incoloy 20 Coil
Incoloy 20 bar
Incoloy 20 Bar
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  • Bars
  • Plates
  • Sheets
  • Pipe and tubes
  • Fitting
  • Flanges
  • Welding wire, etc.

Tensile Strength: 620 MPa

Yield Strength: 300 MPa

Elongation to Break: 41%

Density: 8.08g/cm3

Electric Resistivity: 1.08m

Thermal Conductivity: 12.3°C

Specific Heat: 500 °C

  • UNS N08020
  • ASME SB 468
  • ASTM B 474
  • ASTM B 472
  • ASTM B 751.
  • ASTM B 462
  • ASTM B 464
  • ASME SB-462 – SB 464
Elements Content %
Ni ( Nickel ) 32 to 38%
Fe ( Iron ) 35%
Cr (Chromium ) 19 to 21%
Mn ( Manganese ) ≤2
Si ( Silicone ) ≤1
Mo ( Molybdenum ) 2 to 3%
Nb ( Niobium ) ≤1
Cu ( Copper ) 3 to 4%

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