• Incoloy 330 Rod
  • Incoloy 330 Rod
  • Incoloy 330 Rod
  • Incoloy 330 Rod
  • Incoloy 330 Rod

Incoloy 330 Rod

Incoloy 330 rods are an austenitic alloy commonly used for general structural applications, construction, thermal processing, furnace chambers, engineering, and other applications.

They are ideal for these applications since they offer high-temperature strength, superior corrosion resistance, oxidation resistance, and carburization resistance.

Incoloy 330 Rod Manufacturer | Tuolian

At Tuolian, we offer high-quality Incoloy 330 rods at reasonable prices. Our Incoloy alloy 330 rods come in hex, half-round, square, round, and other shapes. They have a diameter that ranges from 0.1 up to 100mm. Their lengths also range up to 6m. We can also cut the Incoloy alloy 330 rods to your required length.

Typically, the Incoloy alloy 330 rods are polished or finished with a black finish or bright finish. However, we can apply them with the finishes you specifically required.

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