Incoloy 800HT

Incoloy 800HT

Incoloy 800HT

Incoloy 800HT (Alloy 800HT) is designated as DIN W.Nr. 1.4959 or UNS N08811. It is an incredible nickel-iron-chromium alloy used in various industrial applications where resistance to heat & corrosion is exposed.

This alloy is popular for its excellent strength & oxidation resistance. Thus, a suitable material for use in environments up to 1100°C temperatures. It is also highly resistant to corrosion, especially in environments containing sulfuric acid & other corrosive materials.

Tuolian is your trusted Incoloy 800HT supplier in China. We manufacture Incoloy 800HT in different sizes, thicknesses, shapes, and forms such as bars/rods, pipes/tubes, plates/sheets, and more. All Incoloy 800HT products exceed various standards such as ISO, EN, DIN, ASME, ASTM, and more.

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Industries and Applications

Chemical Processing Industry – heat exchangers, reactor vessels, piping systems

Power Generation – steam turbine power plants, heat exchangers, boiler components, super-heater, re-heaters, etc.

Petrochemical Refining Industry – furnace components, catalytic cracking units, heat exchangers, etc.

Aerospace – jet engine components, gas turbine components, etc.

Oil and Gas – subsea equipment, downhole tools, etc.

Pharmaceutical – heat exchangers, reactor vessels, valves, etc.

Incoloy 800HT sheet
Incoloy 800HT Sheet
Incoloy 800HT Rod
Incoloy 800HT Rod
Incoloy 800HT coil
Incoloy 800HT Coil
Incoloy 800HT strip
Incoloy 800HT Strip
Incoloy 800HT pipe
Incoloy 800HT Pipe
Incoloy 800HT Bar
Incoloy 800HT Bar
6 Products Found.
Round Bar ASTM B408, ASME SB408, AMS 5766, ISO 9723, BS 3076 NA15
Wire ASTM B408, ASME SB408, AMS 5766, ISO 9724, BS 3075 NA15
Plate, Sheet, and Strip ASTM B409, ASME SB409, AMS 5877, BS 3072/3073 NA15, ISO 6208
Seamless Pipe and Tube ASTM B407, ASME SB407, ASTM B829, ASME SB829, AMS 5581, ISO 6207
Welded Pipe ASTM B514, ASME SB514, ASTM B775, ASME SB775, ASTM B515, ASME SB515
Welded Tube ASTM B515, ASME SB515, ASTM B751, ASME SB751, ASTM B775, ASME SB775
(Ni) (Cr) (Fe) (Al) (Ti) (C) (Mn) (Si) (S) (P)
30.0 – 35.0% 19.0 – 23.0% 39.5% min 0.15 – 0.60% 0.25 – 0.60% 0.10% max 1.50% max 1.00% max 0.015% max 0.03% max
Property Specifications
Density 7.94 g/cm³
Melting Point 1350 – 1400 °C (2460 – 2550 °F)
Thermal Expansion 14.2 x 10⁶ /K (20 – 100°C)
Specific Heat Capacity 0.11 kcal/(g·K) (20°C)
Electrical Resistivity 1.05 μΩ·m (20°C)
Young’s Modulus 207 GPa (30 x 10⁶ psi)
Tensile Strength 600 – 800 MPa (87 – 116 ksi)
Yield Strength 260 – 320 MPa (38 – 46 ksi)
Elongation 30 – 45%
Hardness (Rockwell B) 88 max
Maximum Operating Temp. 1100°C (2012°F)

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