• Incoloy 825 Strip
  • Incoloy 825 Strip
  • Incoloy 825 Strip
  • Incoloy 825 Strip
  • Incoloy 825 Strip

Incoloy 825 Strip | UNS N08825

  • Provides exceptional hardness and enhanced properties
  • High melting point
  • Strong mechanical durability
  • Excellent thermal resistance
  • Possesses special strength
  • Complete test certificate
  • Better stability against sensitization
  • Customizable upon requests
  • Superb resistance to both generalized and localized attacks of all corrosive substances, acids, crevices, and more.

Tuolian Incoloy 825 Strip

Incoloy 825 strip is a thin, flat, and elongated piece of this alloy that has been cold-rolled to a specific thickness. The strip shape is usually chosen because it is easy to handle and adaptable when it comes to fabrication processes like forming, stamping, and cutting.

Due to its outstanding corrosion and oxidation resistance, incoloy 825 strip is the ideal material for use in a wide range of industrial applications. Nickel, iron, chromium alloy, molybdenum, copper, titanium, and all of these are also present in incoloy 825 strip.

Strips manufactured from Incoloy 825 are useful for machine tool assembly and modern chemical equipment fabrication. It is also available material used for pollution control, acid production, oil and gas recovery, chemical processing, radioactive waste handling, and more industrial applications.

We offer Incoloy 825 strips in numerous edge types, commonly like deburred, slit, round, and other types that suit the particular use.

TuoLian Incoloy 825 strips are accessible in width range from 1.00mm to 750mm; lengths up to 12mm. Also, these strips are manufactured in a thickness range from 0.02mm to 6mm; hardness of 26 Brinell.

Strips width, length, thickness, and hardness can be customized in accordance to your specifications.

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We offer Incoloy 825 strips in numerous edge types, commonly like:

  • Deburred
  • Slit
  • Round
  • Other types that suit the particular use.

Chemically, strips made from Incoloy 825 particularly contain:

  • 38%-46% nickel
  • 19.5%-23.5% chromium
  • 2.5%-3.5% molybdenum
  • .6%-1,2% titanium
  • 1.5%-3% copper

Maximum content of:

  • 0.05% carbon
  • 1% manganese
  • 0.5% silicon;
  • 0.03% sulfur
  • 0.2% aluminum
  • and of course with a balanced content of iron.

TuoLian Incoloy 825 strips achieved the specification level of the following:

  • ASTM B424
  • ASME SB424
  • ASTM B906
  • ASME SB906
  • BS 3072NA16
  • BS3073NA16
  • ISO 6208
  • DIN 17750
  • VdTÜV 432
Density:  8.1 g/cm3
Melting Point: 1370° – 1400°
Magnetic Inductive Volume: µ<1.004, t°20°
Thermal Conductivity: 76.8 Btu-in/ft2hr-°F
Electrical Resistivity: 44.4 µΩ.in

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