• Incoloy 840 sheet
  • Incoloy 840 sheet
  • Incoloy 840 sheet
  • Incoloy 840 sheet
  • Incoloy 840 sheet

Incoloy 840 Sheet | UNS S33400

Sheets made from Incoloy 840 exhibit good toughness and versatility. It can be welded without compromising its quality and has no cracking when bending. That is due to its superior hardness as per ASME A/NACE MR 175 and tensile strength. This sheet can also be heat treated using water cooling & solution treatment.

Tuolian Incoloy 840 Sheet

UNS S33400 sheets operate in harsh conditions, chloride, oxidation, and withstand acid attacks. It works well in 1900°F service temperatures. Thus, perfect for producing high-temperature resistant products used in aerospace, aviation industry, chemical industry, and more.

At Tuolian, we offer sheets in 0.3-20mm thickness, up to 3500 widths, and up to 12,000 lengths, or customize for your specific sizes. These are produced in accordance to ASTM, AISI, EN, JIS, GB, and DIN standards. Hence, you can expect perfect products, sturdy quality at competitive prices.

With our expert team, we can offer various manufacturing techniques for your sheets such as hot rolling, cold rolling, cutting, forming, drilling, machining, grinding and polishing. Polishing includes 2B, BA, NO.4,4K, NO .1,HL,8K, etc. Choose your Incoloy 840 sheets surface treatment for a perfect finish and enhanced performance.

Whether you need Incoloy 840 Cold Rolled Sheet, Incoloy Alloy 840 Hot Rolled (HR) Sheet or custom alloy 8240 sheets, you can trust Tuolian.

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  • Micro and macro testing
  • Hardness testing
  • Chemical analysis
  • Positive material testing
  • Pitting resistance test
  • Flattening testing
  • Radiographic Test
  • Eddy Current testing, and more.
  • Werkstoff Nr. 1.4847
  • UNS S33400
  • Alloy 840 sheet

Carbon 0.08% | Chromium 20% | Iron 58% | Manganese 1% | Silicon 1% | Nickel 20% |

Density 7.92g/cc | Melting Range 2525 °C | Tensile strength 515MPa | Yield Strength 275MPa | 40% Elongation

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