• Incoloy 901 Bar
  • Incoloy 901 Bar
  • Incoloy 901 Bar
  • Incoloy 901 Bar
  • Incoloy 901 Bar

Incoloy 901 Bar

The Incoloy 901 Bar is known as a chromium-nickel iron base that consists of titanium, nickel, molybdenum, aluminum, and other elements that help to make it more strong and more durable when used in different fields of applications.

Incoloy 901 Bar Manufacturer

These Incoloy 901 bar offers excellent features such as good forming characteristics, high yield strength, and excellent weldability. Aside from that it also has resistance against atmosphere oxidations, low scaling, corrosions, and creep resistance for up to 1110°F or 600°C of temperatures.

You can use this Incoloy 901 Bar in different fields of industries, especially for defense, aerospace, automotive, power generation, and more. This oncology is designed to make Gas turbines for shafts and discs, power generations, Rings, casing, seals, Static Structure parts, turbine outer rings, compressor discs, journals, and fasteners.

We do different processing methods in order to achieve the quality and durability of the Incoloy 901 Bar. The most common for this is Boring, custom rerolling, deburring, edging, heat treating, leveling, trepanning, and more.

You can also request different types of cutting processes to meet your needs such as Cut to length, laser cutting, near net shapes, precision cold saw cutting, sawing, shearing, slitting, and water jet cutting.

At Tuolian, we make sure that every Incoloy 901 bar meets international standards, especially for UNS N90901, B50A305B, AMS 5661, AMS 5660, DIN 1.4898, AISI 681, 68, and more.

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