• Incoloy 901 Rod
  • Incoloy 901 Rod
  • Incoloy 901 Rod
  • Incoloy 901 Rod
  • Incoloy 901 Rod

Incoloy 901 Rod

The Incoloy 901 rod is a type of austenitic stainless steel that offer high yield strength, good forging characteristics, high strength, excellent weldability, and stability even in a long time of use. Aside from that, it becomes perfect even if you used it in a harsh environment due to its excellent resistance to corrosion. It has the ability to work in temperatures ranging from 1110°F or 600°C of temperatures.

Incoloy 901 Rod Manufacturer

Tuolian made this Incoloy 901 in order to use it in different fields of industries. Some of these are aviation, industrial, electrics, medical, automotive, and many more. The main purpose of this is to make turbines for shafts, discs, jet engines, aircraft, hubs, compressors discs, static structure parts, turbines’ outer rings, fasteners, journals, and others.

To make this high-quality Incoloy 901 rod, Tuolian makes sure that it passed different certification processes such as chemical tests, mechanical tests, dimensional checks, visual inspections, PMI, and more.

You can rest assured that all of our Incoloy 901 Rods passed ISO 9001, SGS, CE, and RoHS for quality assurance. Message us now!

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