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Incoloy901 | UNS N90901

Incoloy901 901 offers excellent corrosion resistance properties to the atmosphere. Even though it has a lower scaling resistance compared to other grades like 309 stainless steel but it is much strength to work in harsh environments.

Tuolian Incoloy901

Incoloy901 is a nickel-iron-chromium alloy composed of aluminum and titanium for precipitation hardening. This also contains molybdenum which is for solid solution strengthening. This type of alloy is known for its creep resistance at 600°C and is equivalent to SPS M259, AISI 682, AISI 681, PWA 1003, and PWA 1002.

Incoloy901 grades have excellent forging characteristics which makes them ideal to use in gas turbines and aircraft for shafts, compressor discs, turbine rotors, and more.

Incoloy901 goes through different testing processes for quality assurance including mechanical tests and full chemical analyses. All materials are inspected and PMI tested known as positive materials identifications before processing methods begin.

After that, all finished incoloy901 goes for final inspections such as visual inspections, dimensional checks, and so much more.

We produce this Incoloy901 in an extensive range of sizes, finishes, and forms. Tuolian rest assured to give you the right incoloy901 grades for your desired needs at a reasonable price.

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Incoloy 901 sheet
Incoloy 901 Sheet
Incoloy 901 pipe
Incoloy 901 Pipe
Incoloy 901 rod
Incoloy 901 Rod
Incoloy 901 bar
Incoloy 901 Bar
Incoloy 901 coil
Incoloy 901 Coil
Incoloy 901 strip
Incoloy 901 Strip
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Tuolian offer incoloy901 materials in a wide variety of forms such as:

  • Seamless and welded tube
  • Seamless and welded pipe
  • Sheets
  • Plates
  • Bars
  • Wires
  • Pipe fitting
  • Forging
  • Welded rod
  • Flanges
  • Stabilization Treatment. This process can be made at 1400/1475 degrees Fahrenheit. It holds two hrs up to four hrs and the air cools.
  • Solution Treatment. It can be mostly made in temperatures from 1975/2025°F. it happens by holding two hrs in heat and also in water quench.
  • Precipatation Hardening Treatment. These processes are made at 1300/1375°F or 704/746°C held for almost 24 hours then air cool.

Test Temperature: 70°F to 1500 °F or 21.1°C to 816°C

Yield Strenght: 545 MPa to 862 MPa

Tensile Strenght:  559 MPa to 1207 MPa

Elongation: 9.0% to 17.0%

Reduction Area: 14.0% to 29.0%

Test Temperature: 100°F to 1500°F or 538°C to 816°C

10 hours:  241 MPa to 665 MPa or 35ksi to 96.5 ksi

100 hours: 155 MPa to 827MPa or 22.25 ksi to 120ksi

1000 hours76MPa to 689 Mpa or 11 ksi to 100 ksi

Chromium ( Cr ) 11 to  14%
Titanium 2.2 to 2.75%
Nickel ( Ni ) 41 to 43.5%
Carbon ( C ) 0.1 max
Copper ( Cu ) 0.5 max
Manganese ( Mn ) 0.8 max
Aluminum ( Al ) 0.35 max
Sulfur ( S ) 0.04 max
Phosphorus ( P ) 0.04 max
Silicone 1 max
Boron ( B ) 0.01 to 0.02
Iron ( Fe ) Remainder

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