Incoloy 925 Pipe

Due to its excellent qualities, this Incoloy 925 pipe is widely used to make Dairy pipes, fluid pipes, gas pipes, oil pipes, and boiler pipes. Not just that it also highly need to make valves, packers, hangers, tubular and other which are very needed in different industries.

Incoloy 925 Pipe Manufacturer

The Incoloy 925 pipe consists of different major components including iron, chromium, and nickel. Aside from that, it also contains additional components which are copper, titanium, aluminum, and molybdenum. What elements make this Incoloy 925 can work even in a harsh environment?

At Tuolian we offer various customization processes in order to fit your needs. Below is the detailed information on 925 alloys that can be customizable according to your requirements:

Width:                      4 to 219mmm

Thickness:                0.5 to 20mm

Finish Options:        BA, Polished, AP, MF, 2B, No.1, No.4, Mirror Finish, HL, 8K, and more.

Standard:                 JIS, AMS, ASME, AISI, ASTM, TOCT, SAE, EN, DIN, NF, FB, DTD, DS, and more.

Pipe End Types:      Plain ends, treated both ends, treaded one end, and beveled end

Certifications:          ISO 9001, ISO 18001, ISO 14001, ISO 17025, etc.

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Incoloy 925 for Various Industries

Our Incoloy 925 Pipes are highly in demand in different fields of industries because of their better characteristics and performance. The common industries that need this Incoloy 925 are Oil and gas refineries, constructions, pulp and paper industry, pharmaceutical equipment, nuclear Sectors, offshore marine oil drilling, petrochemicals, shipbuilding, power generation, and more.

Manufacturing Techniques

In order to achieve the high-quality Incoloy 925, we are doing step-by-step processes such as seamless, welded, ERW, Fabricated, CDW, and XRAY Welded. That process makes Incoloy alloy 925 pipes much more durable, and strong enough to work even for a long period of time.

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