Incoloy 925 Rod

Incoloy 925 Rods are well known in different industrial applications due to their excellent characteristics. These alloys offer Excellent Corrosion Resistance, Sulfide stress cracking resistance, stress corrosion cracking, high temperatures resistance, chemical resistance, and crevice corrosion resistance. With its excellent strength, it can work even in harsh environments.

Incoloy 925 Rod Manufacturer

The Incoloy 925 rod is a type of high-strength alloy that combines with different elements such as iron, nickel, molybdenum, and more. These rods are become popular due to their excellent durability which is able to work at a temperature of 1200°F 650°C.

Tuolian offer different services such as customize in order to meet your desired needs. Below is the specification of Incoloy 925 that is customizable.

Thickness:           50 mm to 600mm long

Sizes:                    14mm to 300mm

Length:                 1 to 6m

Diameters:        0.2 mm to 100mm

Other forms:      Round bar, billet, flat bar, tubes, etc.

Finish Options:                  Bright, Polish, black, rough turned, Matt finish, no.4 finish, BA, finish.

With their better qualities, these Incoloy 925 rods are highly needed to make surface gas well components. Included in this are landing nipples, valves, hangers, tubular, tool joints, and more. It is also perfect to make marine and pump shafting and fasteners.

Tuolian rest assured that every Incoloy 925 Rod meet the needs of various industries. With its excellent advantages, it is widely used in the Crude and Natural Gas Industry, petrochemical industry, food processing industry, power generation industry, fertilizer industry, chemical industry, sugar industry, etc.

In order to achieve the high-quality Incoloy 925 Rod, we make sure that it passed different testing processes. The common process is tensile tests, prompt tests, X-ray tests, chemical composition examinations, elongation tests, chemical analyses, and flattening tests.  That process gives quality assurance for every Incoloy 925 Rod your purchase.

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