• Inconel 600 Strip
  • Inconel 600 Strip
  • Inconel 600 Strip
  • Inconel 600 Strip
  • Inconel 600 Strip

Inconel 600 Strip | UNS N06600

High strength: Inconel 600 strips have strength like steel yet have lighter weight. That makes them in demand in projects where weights affect their performance, such as satellites and airplane engines.

Corrosion resistance: Since Inconel 600-grade strips have improved corrosion protection, they are stable even when exposed to seawater and other elements. Marine fields typically utilize them since they’re often in saltwater.

High-temperature resistance: Strips in Inconel 600 alloy also work well even in high-temperature conditions. They endure a maximum of 1204°C temperature. That enables them to use in hot water pipes or engines.

Expert Inconel 600 Strip Manufacturer - TuoLian

Inconel 600 strips are nickel-chromium alloy-made strips having excellent performance from low to high levels of temperatures. Their nickel material composition offers unmatched strength to resist chloride. Plus, the chromium content provides heat and oxidation resistance.

Our manufactured Inconel 600 strips adhere to ASTM B168 standards. These standards determine the high accuracy of cold roll milled Inconel 600 material and other strip specifications.

The Inconel 600-grade strips are produced by performing numerous processes, such as Casting, Hot Rolling, Pickling, Cold rolling, Annealing, Tempering, Strip Straightening, and Slitting.

TuoLian produces Inconel 600 strips with custom length, thicknesses, and width that suits your requirements.

If you have special requests regarding material tolerance and other features, we got you covered.

  • #1 – Smooth decorative surface
  • #2 – Mill finish in a slight luster surface 
  • #2D – Dull strip surface 
  • #BA- Bright annealed finish
  • #CBA – Reflective with a hint of cloudiness appearances 
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Food Processing
  • Explosive Atmospheres
  • Spacecraft Engines
  • Hi-Temp Equipment
  • Aircraft Components
  • Heat Furnaces
  • Chemical Parts
  • Pressure Vessels
  • More
Inconel 600 Strip
Chromium Carbon










Iron  Nickel + Cobalt


14.0-17.0 0.15% 0.50% 0.50% 0.015% 1.00% 6.0-10.0% 72.0%
Inconel 600 Strip
Density g/cm3 8.42
Specific Heat J/kg-°C 444
Mean Coefficient of Thermal Expansion mm/m/°C
  • (21 -93 °C) -6.9 x 10·6 (12.4)
  • (21 -20 4 °C)-7.3 x 10·6 (13.1)
Annealed 1.010
Modulus of Elasticity ksi (MPa) 30 x 103 (20 7 x 103) 
Melting Point °C 1354 -1413
Magnetic Permeability H = 20 0 Oersteds
Inconel 600 Strip
Condition  Tensile Strength Yield Strength

(0.2% offset)

Elongation Hardness
Tempered Hard 125 ksi min 90 ksi min gauges > 0.0 10 inches Re 30 min
Annealed 80 ksi min 35 ksi min (30%) gauges> 0.0 10 inches
Colled Rolled  80-100 ksi 30-45 ksi 35-55% 88 Max

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