Inconel 625 | UNS N06625

TuoLian offers you a wide range of Inconel 625 for all applications. For large industries and fabrication, it is often used for building chemical equipment, turbine rings, and expansion joints. In areas exposed to saltwater, Inconel 625 is used as an oceanographic component, seawater equipment, subs, and more.

At TuoLian, you will find UNS N06625 with different specifications and certifications. ASTM, ASME, MS, AMS, Werkstoff, ISO, and other qualifications are all met. If your certain requirement is not available, TuoLian can customise any design.

Here are some of the industries and markets that TuoLian supplies:

  • Automobile
  • Offshore and marine
  • Power and paper industries
  • Pollution control
  • Chemical processing
  • Nuclear plants
  • Aerospace
Inconel 625 Sheet
Inconel 625 Sheet
Inconel 625 Pipe
Inconel 625 Pipe
Inconel 625 Bar
Inconel 625 Bar
Inconel 625 Strip
Inconel 625 Strip
Inconel 625 Coil
Inconel 625 Coil
Inconel 625 Rod
Inconel 625 Rod
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Different Uses of Inconel Alloy 625

Thrust-reverse systems, specialized seawater equipment, flare stacks, furnaces, bellows, ducting systems, shroud rings, exhaust systems, expansion joints, damper seals, motor clamps, tubing systems, gunboats, naval craft blades and cables, control-rod components, fasteners, reactor cores, springs, spacers, and more.

TuoLian Inconel 625 Properties

Inconel 625 is highly resistant to potable and salt water. It can withstand elevated temperatures, fatigue, and is strong against corrosion. Oxidation, crevice corrosion, stress corrosion, and oxidation do not affect Inconel 625.

All types of welding can be performed to Inconel 625. It is non-magnetic and offers great braceability and weldability.


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