• Inconel 690 Coil
  • Inconel 690 Coil
  • Inconel 690 Coil
  • Inconel 690 Coil
  • Inconel 690 Coil

Inconel 690 Coil

Inconel 690 Coil is a rolled alloy composed of chromium, nickel, and other elements. It is produced by hot rolling or cold rolling an Inconel 690 material. Additionally, the Inconel 690 coils have many features, including good weldability, ease of fabrication, temperature resistance, mechanical properties, and anti-oxidation properties.

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Inconel 690 Coil also highly resistant to corrosive media such as stress corrosion and intergranular corrosion.

Due to their properties, they are ideal for many different applications. They are commonly used for industrial machinery, refineries, food processing equipment, chemical processing equipment, and more.

Tuolian manufactures cold-rolled and hot-rolled Inconel alloy 690 coils at competitive prices. We also offer customized solutions to meet your particular needs in your business or application.

Finish: No.1, 2B finish, No.4 finish, BA, etc.

Standards: DIN 2.4642, ASME SB168, UNS N06690, & ASTM B168

Thickness: 0.1mm – 5.0mm

Width: 0.5m to 1.2m

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Whether you need stainless steel materials for your business or fabrication projects, TuoLian is your best supplier. You can find all types, grades, and thicknesses based on your needs. Guaranteed that we provide the best quality at a reasonable cost.
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